Best Tools for Whiteboarding and Post-Its

Team collaboration is a vital aspect of content creation in meetings. Every member of the team has to have the freedom and means of expressing his/her ideas. This is where whiteboarding comes in. For you to brainstorm efficiently, you need a suitable board app. However, there are so many in the market today that getting the most suitable one can be a hassle. Below we get into the aspects that make the best tools for whiteboarding and post-its as well as some popular examples.

Properties of a Good Whiteboarding Software

Generally, a whiteboard is a panel on which partners in a group can write down their ideas and plans during brainstorming. Just like a remote whiteboard, an online whiteboard is effective and helps you plan, edit and also add online sticky notes (or Post-Ins notes). Additionally, it allows for transparency between colleagues.

Whether your project is small or large, our extensive list of all the best tools for whiteboarding and posts-it will help you to find the right tool for you!

Best Tools for Whiteboarding and Post-Its

Video chat integration with Virtual whiteboards

Since you will be using the digital whiteboard for a virtual meeting, you need to have a video conferencing app. A suitable online whiteboard should be compatible with your chosen video conferencing software.

Ideally, a virtual post it board ought to have a screen sharing aspect. This allows you or any member to share their screen as the main reference.

Digital Sticky Notes

Online sticky notes help you add comments or extra information about a point on the whiteboard. Choose online whiteboarding tools that feature digital sticky notes.

You can be able to colour code every person’s notes to clearly figure out who said what.

Huge canvas for Online Whiteboarding Tools

The best online whiteboard tools have a large workspace. This lets you and your team have more space to write your points. You can get whiteboarding tools that have infinite canvases.

This way you do not have to keep deleting points on the board to make room for others.

Content Importation

Sometimes, you might need other files to explain points when words can’t. These could be pictures, graphs, screenshots or video clips. Hence, you need to choose a whiteboarding software that has files importation.

When you have all files on one page, you do not have to switch to other apps and tabs during a meeting.

Writing and Drawing Tools

Get virtual whiteboards that support digital pens or stylus. That way, you and your team can be able to annotate points and ideas on the board.

You can also get one that permits the insertion of table templates and flowcharts instead of drafting new ones.

Additionally, can go for an online whiteboard with a writing tool that has highlighters, of various sizes and shapes for illustration purposes.

Best Tools for Whiteboarding

Below’s our complete list of all the best tools for whiteboarding. If you think your favourite tool is missing or your company’s product needs to be listed here, let us know!

Miro Online WhiteBoard

This app comes with more than 200 templates for workflows, maps and tables. This saves you the time for creating one yourself. Miro can sync with other platforms like Google Workshop, and MS Teams among others. The major features of Miro are; brainstorming, tasks management, communication management, online sticky notes tools, alerts and notifications etc.


  • Has a free version.
  • Great collaboration aspects.
  • Allows several members to engage in a single workspace.


  • Advanced features like infinite canvas are only available on the premium version.
  • It is fairly difficult to navigate. Aspects such as locking content are confusing.
  • Miro only allows credit card payments if you subscribe to a plan.

Best Tools for Whiteboarding: InVision

This is another suitable online whiteboard. InVision Freehand’s selling points include prototype development, feedback management and planning. These features enhance team collaboration and efficiency.

Furthermore, InVision Studio aids include animated drawings, vector modification and layer designing. This app also has sharing tools that allow members of virtual whiteboards to connect instantly.


  • InVision has a trial version that you can use to assess if it’s suitable for your needs.
  • It lets you link other files onto your whiteboard.
  • Can be used on mobiles, tablets or desktops.


  • It is expensive. Five team members and unlimited prototypes go for $99 a month.
  • Uploading huge files can cause the app to lag.

Limnu: Virtual post it board

This is one of the pre-eminent whiteboarding tools. Limnu is perfect for teaching. With this app, you can be able to engage your students and choose to view only if you do not want them to write on the board. More so, you can use Limnu for product design alliance, engineering and analysis.

Characteristics of Limnu include template development, forum sharing, progress tracing and participant governance.


  • Permits supervisors to control the screen whereby participants cannot edit the content on the board.
  • Its Application Programming Interface (API) enables unification with other third-party software.
  • Has a simple interface.


  • Video calls can be difficult to connect.
  • There is no screen sharing function.

Online whiteboard tools: Conceptboard

This app is applicable to various industries including marketing and tutoring. Features comprise product simulation video conferencing, tasks and file management. Additionally, Conceptboard’s toolbox enables document editing using drawings, sticky notes and file attachments.


  • Integrates with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Mail2Board, Trello, SalesForce Chatter and others.
  • Great quality at an affordable price. You can get the Premium plan for as low as $7.5 per month.
  • Decent toolkit of properties that aid in collaboration, planning and deliberating.


  • You have to reload the page every time you leave.
  • It lags especially if you have huge files on your whiteboard.

Mural Application; Online sticky notes tools

If you are managing several teams, this is the preferred software. Mural allows you to open multiple rooms for the different workshops. Additionally, this app has an anonymous voting feature which can be very useful when there are disagreements.

Aspects of this platform include; time tracking and management, and editing access control by administrators. You can also have post-meetings interviews and foundations for streamlining assignments.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can get help from customer care if you have difficulties.
  • Ideal for multiple and huge group


  • There is no trial version. You have to pay to use it, and it is quite costly.
  • Limited artboards that may run out of room during huge meetings.

Best Tools for Whiteboarding and Post-Its: Witeboard

As opposed to Mural, Witeboard is great for small groups. Once you form a workspace, you can invite your team members via a link. This app comes with a history function that you and others see the changes made to the content. Furthermore, it has a pen and rubber that can be used to edit details on your online whiteboard.

You are also able to download files from a session in PNG format. If you prefer a white or black backdrop, you can change it using the theme tab.


  • Witeboard has a straightforward UI. This makes it easy to use.
  • Can integrate with Slack using plugins.
  • Free version available.


  • It is designed basically. There are advanced properties.
  • This digital whiteboarding tool does not have screen sharing.
  • You can only save your downloads as images.

Stormboard Software for Digital Sticky Notes

This app helps organizations in teamwork collaboration and brainstorming. You are able to share all your project ideas with others on a single platform. With the video conferencing tool, you can see all your team members during a meeting.

This gives you an in-person experience. Among the features that make Stormboard stand out is its ability to merge with other management apps. To mention just a few we have, ServiceNow, Zapier, Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive and Slack.


  • New users are able to use it effortlessly due to its intuitive interface.
  • It facilitates template customization.
  • You can easily track your workflow.


  • Stormboard uses dark fonts on a dark background, making it impossible to read the content.
  • There is an issue with lagging when more than 10 groups are connected to a single workspace.

Intuiface Application Online whiteboard

The major features of this app include voice and touch initiation, development of interactive demonstrations and compatibility with other apps. More to this, you can be able to invite and add more members to your whiteboard for brainstorming.

Besides, file importation is available with Intuiface. This means that you can add videos, 3D files, audio files and images to your panel for better illustration.


  • It is compatible with most operating systems and apps. These include; Android, Windows, iOS, LGE, Samsung SSP-Tizen and Chrome OS.
  • An intuitive design that even technology novices can understand.
  • If there are concepts you do not get, the app will provide simple lessons.


  • The shape library is not extensive.
  • The developer takes a long time to implement changes suggested by users.

IPEVO Annotator Virtual Post It Board

This app helps learning institutions interpret images and also draw on them. Ipevo Annotator facilitates live-streaming and recording of screen activities. This program supports MacOS, Windows and Web browsers (OS agnostic).

As a tutor, you can use the pen tool which comes in different thicknesses, colours and effects. Additionally, this software has a multi-pen mode which allows two users to write on the screen simultaneously. There are also normal shapes like circles, squares and various lines. A rubber and redo/undo tabs are also available.


  • There is a free version available, but it offers only basic features.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • Customer care help is responsive via email. You can also find answers on the FAQ and video tutorials.


  • No latest properties.

Sketchboard: Online Sticky Notes Tools

This is a virtual whiteboarding tool that allows teams to put their thoughts together. It facilitates the monitoring and tracking of projects. This way, you are able to make changes accordingly. The focal point of Sketchboard is its diagramming and presentation tools. You can create public whiteboards which you can then share with your team through URL links.

More to this, Sketchboard enables you to recognize which roles particular members play. For instance, you can have a team manager, team admin, primary team member and also a read-only member. With this distinction, you know who to ask what.


  • Allows use of sticky notes for comments and further explanations.
  • Clear definition of roles.
  • Sketchboard has a free hand drawing feature.
  • You can zoom in or out when viewing maps or any content on the screen.


  • It is not cost-friendly. You pay $7 monthly for a single user and $14 for a team.
  • Has basic features.

Lucidspark Virtual Post It Board

This app helps you take your brainstorming sessions to another level by using digital sticky notes. The good thing is that with Lucidspark, you get an infinite canvas for your meetings. This way there is space for everyone’s ideas.

You can easily add or erase content to your board. Lucidspark permits you to organize the contents of your online whiteboard using various colours, making your panel more attractive and interesting to look at.


  • Compatible with powerful tools like Google Drive, Slack and Lucidchart.
  • There are integral templates such as affinity diagrams and PI planning boards.
  • You can quickly add post-ins using the Sticky Notes Quick add tool.
  • With the Sticky Note Import feature, you can drag and drop sticky notes from the Primary Toolbar.


  • Does not offer time tracking solutions.
  • Costs $9 per month.

IdeaFlip Software for Online Sticky Notes

This is an app that helps associates convert their thoughts into ideas and share them seamlessly. Once you create an account, you can use IdeaFlip for 2 weeks free of charge. After this, you have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

One outstanding attribute is the ability to invite numerous guests for free to your board to pitch their ideas. However, the guests cannot create their own boards unless they subscribe. The app has tutorials where you can learn how to use it.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • The Stationery Pads feature lets you add texts to Post-Ins with a click.
  • You can drag and drop elements from and onto your board.
  • With IdeaFlip, you can copy up to 10 items at a go.


  • Sometimes the right-hand menu gets cut off, and you cannot resize it.
  • It is costly. The per-user annual plan goes for $165 or $16 monthly. Industrial plans begin from $999 yearly.
  • There are no analytical tools.

Best Tools for Whiteboarding- GroupMap

The above software is perfect for facilitators, managers, teachers and community groups who wish to bring several ideas into one platform. This app is easy to use and the interface is self-explanatory.

However, if you run into any difficulties, you can consult the customer care service or refer to the tutorials and FAQ section. Features of GroupMap include idea ranking which allows you to place every idea in order of importance or optimism. Other than this, the app also has creator tracking, brainstorming and collaboration aspects.


  • The group can vote on ideas.
  • You get real-time feedback from associates.
  • With GroupMap, you can download and save session reports in PDF form.


  • Locating the right template can be confusing as they are too many and the search filter is not accurate.
  • It is meant for large screens. Therefore, reading through a small handset is impossible.

Virtual Whiteboards: Mindomo Software

Mind maps are among the most used tools in presentations. Having a good mind map lets you and your audience understand concepts better. If you want to use mind maps for team collaboration and brainstorming, then Mindomo is the app for you.

This software is available in mobile, desktop or tablet versions, hence giving you access to group work on the go. You can even follow your team whiteboard offline. Other features you get with Mindomo are rich text formats such as bold, italic, various fonts and strike-through. There are up to 6 colour palettes in this app that allow you to put together vivid mind maps.


  • The Presenter function converts your mind map into a presentation.
  • You can import files to and fro PowerPoint, Text, FreeMind, Word, XMind among others.
  • Straightforward app with a free model.


  • Better features like synchronization are only available through subscription.
  • At first, the interface can be overwhelming.

Best Tools for Whiteboarding and Post-Its: OpenBoard App

This app is suitable for schools. It allows teachers to create an interactive learning environment virtually. You have access to learning tools like protractors, world maps, calculators, clocks, stopwatch etc. Additionally, you can use sticky notes on the app to facilitate comprehension of topics. To acquire information quickly, you can upload course-related material within the software.


  • You can add graphics, maps and videos to your whiteboard.
  • This whiteboarding tool is simple.
  • Integrates perfectly with GraphMe and Google Maps.
  • Has a free trial.


  • There are no shapes.
  • Importing pdf files is difficult.

Conclusion About Virtual Whiteboards and Online Sticky Notes Tools

Whiteboarding tools can be a great way of handling your projects. They are efficient and effective. With the above details, you can choose the most suitable one for your needs. Whether you work in a school, government institution or community station, there is something for everyone. Our best tools for whiteboarding and post-its list will hopefully help you to find what you need!

FAQ About Best Tools for Whiteboarding

What are online whiteboarding tools?

These are virtual collaboration and brainstorming boards or notebooks, shared between team members.

Can I invite people to my Online whiteboard?

Yes, online whiteboards can be shared among colleagues and stakeholders. All you have to do is send them the board’s URL link.

How do I choose the best tools for whiteboarding?

The best way is to research. Check out an array of options and the features that each one has. You can also try out free versions if available to see whether a whiteboard fits your requirements.

Can I incorporate digital sticky notes into my virtual post it board?

Yes, sticky notes are an integral part of online whiteboarding tools.

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