Best Tools For Videoconferencing

Video conferencing has become an integral part of our life. You can easily achieve the same comfort and connection in a virtual meeting as you might face to face. However, pointing a webcam to the screen or using the familiar dialling works only when the number is not so big. Moreover, when you have to connect with more people, you need the best tools for video conferencing to help you create a video conference environment easily.

Also, without unnecessary attention to details. Therefore, what is the best tool for video conferencing?

Top 10 Best Video conferencing Tools in 2023

Several tools these days make it easier than ever to host or view a meeting from anywhere in the world. Here is a look at some of the best tools for video conferencing:

Zoom — Video conferencing tools for education

One of the most basic video conferencing software is Zoom. This video conferencing tools for education is a simple, easy-to-use video conferencing software. Its user interface is clean and straightforward, with big buttons that make it easy to start and stop calls.

In addition, Zoom also has several nice features that set it apart. For example, you can record your meetings to the cloud and share your computer screen with other participants. You can even invite people who aren’t Zoom users to join your meeting by clicking on a link.

This is a free video meeting software — at least up until you hit 40 minutes on a call. That’s an extremely generous time limit for most meetings, so most businesses will never have to pay for the service.

Google Meet — Best video conferencing tools

Recently, Google made its videoconferencing software Meet free for anyone to use. It’s a web-based tool that doesn’t require you to install an app, though it does work in a web browser, and it also has iOS and Android apps.

Meet can be used simply by going to and starting a new meeting. The free version of the video conferencing software allows group video calls with up to 25 participants, with no time limit on meetings, and it supports screen sharing.

Additional features are available in the premium version of Meet, called Google Meet Enterprise. Things like dialing into meetings from any phone number, meeting recordings saved to Google Drive, and integrating with other Google G Suite apps.

Microsoft Team — Affordable video conferencing platforms

This video meeting app is one of the best videoconferencing apps on the market, and it’s built directly into Microsoft 365. You can use it to launch video or audio calls without ever leaving Outlook, Word, Excel, or any other office app.

Moreover, the video meeting app has many features that make it stand out from the competition. For starters, you can access a bunch of third-party integrations, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Trello. The free video meeting software has screen-sharing capabilities with integrated chat and file sharing to top it off.

Microsoft Teams is a business application at heart. Its design suits large businesses that already use Microsoft 365. The free version of the app lets you take advantage of all its features if you’re part of a business with fewer than 300 users.

WebEx — Affordable video meeting app

Cisco is a free video meeting software. It has many plans and many features. However, the common thread is that it gears toward professionals who need to hold meetings over video calls.

The WebEx service has a wide range of features, including:

  • Meeting recording.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Webcam support.
  • Whiteboards and annotations.
  • Online storage for meeting notes and recordings.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for scheduling meetings.

The video conferencing tools for education free plan (called “WebEx Meetings”) supports up to three people in one meeting simultaneously, with no time limit on how long it can run. This makes it ideal for small teams. You could even use it as an impromptu group chat with your friends. Also, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Join. me — video conferencing tools for education

Undoubtedly, this is one of the latest video meeting app. Join. me is a web-based video conferencing service that LogMeIn acquired in 2016. You can primarily use it for work meetings and customer support. However, you can use it for anything.

Join. me works on many devices, and it integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can schedule meetings right through your email client. You can share your screen, your webcam, or both simultaneously. It’s simple to set up and use, so you’ll get started quickly.

If you need to have meetings with large groups of people, is a good choice. This is because there is no limit on how many participants you can have in a call. Unfortunately, free tier limits you to 40 minutes per call and five participants per call on the free plan.

BlueJeans — Business free video meeting software

Growing your business is an essential aspect of your business plan. BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that helps businesses connect with their customers and employees. The system allows businesses to set up virtual meetings, events, and conferences through interactive chat, screen sharing, and recording. It connects people through multiple devices, including web browsers, mobile devices, and room systems.

The application allows users to broadcast content to up to 50,000 participants interactively. Users can stream their events in HD quality directly to the cloud or social media channels such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Other features include call monitoring, routing, transfers, recording, and analytics.

BlueJeans is available on a monthly subscription that includes support via phone and email. Pricing system depends on the number of participants per event.

Fuze — Convenient video meeting app

Using your phone for calls is highly convenient. Therefore, Fuze lets you make videoconferencing calls from a desktop computer or any mobile device. Also, you can integrate it with your existing business phone system. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Video conferencing companies that offer audio conference calling services are popular for enterprise users. They allow conferences to easily switch between video, audio and chat messaging.

Fuze’s flexible pricing structure allows you to purchase a plan that meets your business needs. Its free plan includes unlimited meetings, screen sharing, and HD video conferencing. It also allows you to add up to three participants per meeting. Paid plans start at $19 per month and offer features such as recording meetings, adding up to 25 participants per meeting, and transcribing meetings.

Skype Meet Now — Alternative video conferencing platforms

Do you need a free video meeting software? Skype Meet Now is a feature inside Skype that allows you to host free video calls with up to 50 people. Also, you can share your screen, and record the call for later viewing. It is similar to other free conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts.

However, it comes with a few key differences. First off, you don’t need anyone else to have a Skype account to join a Meet Now call. You can send out an invitation link, and anyone can join via the web app.

Second, Meet Now is integrated into Windows 10. If you use the Your Phone app on Windows 10 (which lets you mirror your phone’s screen on your computer), you can start a Meet Now call. This is by using the icons at the top of the window.

Best Tools For Video Conferencing — Google Hangouts

Launched back in 2011; Google Hangouts is a pretty versatile video conferencing service. There are apps for Android and iOS and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can also access it through Gmail or Google+ on the web.

Even if you don’t have a Google account, you can participate in a Hangout when invited to one. The host only needs to invite you via email, and once you download the plugin (on the web) or app (on Android and iOS), you’re good to go.

The free version of Hangouts allows up to 10 people to participate. Also, while it supports group video calling with up to 10 people, it only lets you see four people at a time on your screen. If that’s not enough for your business needs, a paid version of Hangouts is available through G Suite.

Best tool for video conferencing — GoToMeeting

Businesses need a reliable and best tool for video conferencing. GoToMeeting has been a long-time favorite in the business world. With a desktop client and mobile apps, and web browser support, it’s easy to get into video conferencing with clients, co-workers, and other business contacts.

Moreover, you can set up conference call meetings in seconds with GoToMeeting’s easy-to-use interface. You can invite others using email invites or send a link for people to join your meeting on the go. The service also provides screen sharing when you need to share your screen or work together on documents during a meeting.

The app is strictly for business use. While it does offer a free trial of its service to new users, there are no options for free personal use.

Here are common questions about the best tools for video conferencing:


What’s the best video conferencing tool?

The best video conferencing app will be different for each user, and it will depend on the features they need.

What is the cheapest video conferencing software?

Zoom is one of the cheapest video conferencing apps available in the market today. You can get a free account with 40-minute time limits for group meetings.

Is the best video conferencing tools free?

Many tools listed here are free, but some have paid versions with additional features.

Final Takeaway For Best Video Conferencing Tools

The best video conferencing platforms will be different for everyone. Today, there are so many video conferencing platforms available. Depending on your situation, one tool may be better than the other. 

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