The Best To do List Apps 2023

There are several best to do apps in the market today, and picking the suitable one might be the difference between successfully completing your tasks or not. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have ample knowledge about what’s out there. Below we delve into trending to-do list apps. We look at the most appealing features that each of the programs has and ultimately, how helpful they are.

Task management is a very vital aspect of your life. With things to do popping up often, you, need to have an efficient plan for all of them. Of course, there is the old fashion way of writing them on paper, then crossing each item you complete. As fancy as this might be, it has some inconveniences. For, instance, you have to carry a pen and paper with you all the time. However, you can go digital with your planner and experience a more coherent method of organization.

Best to do list apps

Microsoft To Do List App

This cloud-based software is among the best to do list apps, and you can integrate it with other programs like Outlook and Wunderlist. Microsoft To-Do is compatible with Office 365, hence, you can use it to manage your business chores. It has a feature called My Day which lets you outline the tasks to be done within the day.

This tool is handy especially if you have long term items on your plan. It avoids confusion and helps prioritize your activities.


  • It is free: This app is free for the basic features, but you have to subscribe for more advanced tools like calendar sync.
  • User-friendly: The software’s interface is straightforward and simple to navigate.
  • Synchronization: you can sync other Microsoft apps like Outlook to move all your tasks to a single platform. Additionally, Microsoft To Do is compatible with several devices and operating systems including Android and iOS.


  • Limited optimization: Although you can create distinct tasks lists, you can not tailor them further.
  • Only one calendar integration: Microsoft To-Do can only sync with Outlook calendar which is very limited and rarely used as opposed to others such as Google calendar.
  • Does not have a repetitive tasks feature.

TickTick as a Best Free to-do app

This is another trending shared to-do list app. You can share your plan with your friends or colleagues. Tick Tick also has a recurring activities tool that allows you to set the repetition time as per your needs. Additionally, like most planners, this app comes with a smart reminder feature, Pomodoro, that reminds you of all your due tasks. This ensures that you do not miss any item on your list.


  • There is a free version: You can get the basic functions for free. But, if you want advanced ones like theme customization and viewing prior tasks, you have to pay.
  • Easy to use: This to do list app has a simple dashboard. You can also drag and drop tasks from your calendar to TickTick.
  • Facile time tracking: It has a reminder that assists you in successfully completing your agendas.


  • Doesn’t sync with other apps: Although TickTick lands on our Best To do List Apps checklist, it does not integrate with other planning software.
  • Non-extensive free version: managing huge projects might be a problem with this application, especially on the free version. You only get 9 indexes, each with 99 entries and 19 subtasks.

Todoist- a Shared to-do list app

Even though this program started with simple features, it has now improved becoming one of the best free to-do apps. It has powerful attributes such as Smart Schedule. With this feature, you are able to colour code your tasks, prioritize them according to their due date and set reminders. Another aspect is the Todoist Karma. This awards you points for every task you finish. You can also monitor the progress of your projects through a summary offered in graphs.


  • Available over the internet: This means that you can find your To do list online.
  • Great integration: You can easily add third party planning apps by synchronizing, including Outlook and Gmail. Additionally, you can add a Chrome extension to your browser.
  • Free: Downloading the starter pack costs nothing. However, like it’s the case with other to-do list apps, you have to subscribe to unlock more features. For instance, the basic version offers 80 projects. The Business subscription on the other hand has up to 500 projects.


  • Cumbersome when creating tailor-made lists: If you are making plans for more than a week, locating the filter is hard. The app comes with only an integral Today and Next 7 Days tabs.
  • Issues with Windows downloads: Todoist fits perfectly with mobile software and iOS. However, the interface available for Windows is a bit tricky to navigate.
  • No built-in time tracker. a Shared to-do list app

With a drag and drop option, this is a simple app to use. There are also tasks and subtasks folders to help you further divide your projects. The most amazing feature in is the Voice Entry that acts as a virtual assistant. You can talk to your device and the app will note down your checklist systematically. This is not only time-saving but also worthwhile especially if you are not a fan of typing.


  • Add notes on tasks: If an entry requires extra information, you can type such within the task. Additionally, you can attach as many files as you like to each task.
  • Wonderful organization traits: lets you create various themes for your projects. You can even use colours to classify your tasks.
  • Integrated calendar: With this, you can sync your tasks with your calendar.


  • Limited complimentary characteristics: The major features are only available on the Premium version.
  • No reports: You do not get summaries for your performance.

Best free to-do app: Things

If you are looking for elegance, then this is the app to pick. Things is designed for iOS and Mac. The header feature lets you classify your tasks into subtasks and create timelines for each. There is a built-in timer and reminder to ensure that you never miss your goals. With Things, you can supervise the progression of your checklist using pie charts. Furthermore, there is an upcoming tasks tab that gives you a heads up on the activities that you need to get into soon.


  • Templates: These are especially vital if you are managing several recurring tasks that have distinct requirements often. You can get multiple templates with Things.
  • Very intuitive: Things helps you arrange your projects from the largest to the smallest creating a diversity of options.


  • Restricted compatibility: It is only available for Mac and iOS.
  • Not free: This sophisticated app does not have a free version.

Remember The Milk

This is an old best free to-do app still on the market. It is easy to use and comes with functional features to assist you in organizing and prioritizing your schedule accordingly. Remember The Milk’s smart list highlights all the important tasks ensuring that you do not miss any. Additionally, you can share your checklist with friends to help you finish them quickly. Remember The Milk breaks down your complex projects into simple, manageable tasks. There are also search filters that help you locate plans easily.


  • Offline Access: You do not have to be connected to the internet for you to view your checklist.
  • Integration with other programs: Remember The Milk can sync with your Microsoft Outlook account seamlessly.
  • Simple interface: it is designed for the simple person. Therefore, there are no complicated features, and the dashboard is easy to navigate and comprehend.


  • Very basic: There are no advanced features.
  • Reminders are not based on location. You can’t add a location to your reminders.

Other than the to-do list discussed above, there is a wide array in the industry. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to know which one to pick. Below are some vital aspects you should consider.

Evernote To Do List App

This is another software for digital collaboration that had to be on our best to do list apps list. Basically, Evernote is an online notebook that goes a step further to add tasks management tools. The web clipping feature in this app allows you to save web pages and any other internet content you like. Evernote then incorporates this saved data into your account where you can access it later.


  • Team collaboration: You can share your working space on Evernote with others. This allows for the management of united projects, especially through Slack.
  • Available offline: You can see all your tasks plan even when you are not connected to the internet. This ensures that you do not miss anything.
  • Comes in a free version.


  • Overwhelming: For beginners, this app can be complicated. The interface is not simple to use and appears to be stuffy.
  • Limited features with the free version.

Best free to-do app: Google Tasks

This app is accessible from your Android devices only. It integrates with all your Google applications and therefore, you can easily manage your projects. You can add Gmail items directly from Google Tasks without opening a new tab. To make instant changes to your list, you can use the drag and drop tool. In addition, you can add side notes to an entry in case more details are needed.


  • Free: This app is completely free. You get all features without a cost.
  • Simple: The interface is straightforward and is clutter-free.


  • Basic: If you are into more innovative apps, then Google Tasks is not the one for you.
  • No collaboration: You can’t share your tasks list with your team.

Factors to Regard When Selecting a To do List App Online

Features of the To Do List App

Depending on your workflow, you need an app that has aspects that can assist you. For instance, if you are dealing with a complex activity, go for software that has several task divisions. Look for features such as reminders and integral calendars to ensure that you do not forget a task.

Integration of the Best free to-do app

Chances are, you have other productivity tools like Gmail, Outlook and others. Therefore, you need to go for a to-do list app that you can sync with your pre-existing management tools. On the same note, find a program that is compatible with your devices. This is in terms of operating systems and space. Some to-do list apps are only compatible with Android while others work with Mac.

Price of the shared to-do list app

Most tasks management programs offer basic versions free of charge. However, if you want advanced features, you need to subscribe to a paid plan. On average, prices for a monthly subscription range from $3 to $7. Therefore, according to your willingness and financial ability, you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Cloud-based: Is the To do list online?

With everything conveniently available with a few clicks, you need a to-do list app that is accessible on the go. Cloud-based apps let you back up, edit and add your tasks entries from any location. You can also view them across multiple devices.

Sharing Availability of the To do list online

Select a shared to-do list app if you are dealing with several associates. This way, you can be able t share your checklist and monitor each person’s productivity. Furthermore, go for a to-do list program that has tools that give you permission to dictate who can edit and view your checklist.

Design of the To Do List App

Look for an app that you are comfortable with. One that you can use easily and whose appearance is compelling to you.

Closing Words on Best To do List Apps

Ultimately, a To Do List App is merely a tool. Therefore, the best To do List Apps are those which will aid you in completing your goals. With the information above, you will be able to evaluate and find the most suitable planning app for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best To Do List Apps

Which to-do list app do I choose?

All available planning programs have different features. Therefore, go for the one that has aspects tailored to your needs.

Where can I get the best free to-do list app?

On the application store. Regardless of the software or device that you are using, you can get free to-do apps at the store.

Can I make a To Do list online?

Yes, several of the software available today are cloud-based. This enables you to draft your tasks and projects across several devices. You can even share your created tasks checklist.