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We are a group of marketing professionals. In addition, we are super enthusiastic about all the aspects of remote working. Facilitation tools, basic project management and tips to make remote working life better, those are our true passion.

The struggle is real: group calls, planning, reporting and brainstorming are a tough one with using just Google Sheets and Excel Files. Luckily there are better options And that’s exactly why this site was created! So far we’ve used many different tools for remote working and tried those with facilitation too. Now we want to share the best ones with you.

Sharing is caring! Want to give us thoughts about your own experiences with remote facilitation and project management? Think a perfect tool for facilitation or basic project management is missing here and should be added? Want to give us feedback on our content?

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Editor, Director, BBA


BBA in international marketing. 3,5 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

Marketing Manager, MBA


MBA in marketing and a true marketing wizard. Experience in facilitating marketing projects.

Copy writer
Content Writer, BBA


BBA in business administration. Interested in business development and SEO.