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Monday facilitation tool is a cloud-based project management platform that redefines the way teams handle communication and workloads. This superb project management tool offers its users a colour coded board. It allows you to quickly check which tasks are completed, which tasks are in progress, and where team members are having difficulties. The board is organized in such a way that it shows deadlines and the relationships between tasks.

Team members can decide to check the board based on date, status, timeline, person, and text. This helps project managers and facilitators in workshops to find team members who are under or overworked and balance up the workload among the team members. All team communication occurs in each board and that helps the project management teams to avoid confusion.

The Best Features of Monday Facilitation Tool

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  • For teams that are just getting started with project management and work shops


  • For visualizing work in different ways and for internal collaboration


  • For managing more complex workflows. More intergrations and automations


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  • For organizations with need for enterprise-level security, support and control

With Monday, teams can easily manage all their tasks with a board. The board is visually organized and colour coded to help project managers see which team member is working on a particular task, mission and project, and to track their progress. For instance, a team member can indicate whether they’re working on it, stuck, or done. Monday allows project managers to invite a client as a guest to check a specific board to see the progress of their project any time they wish.

With Monday’s visual organization feature, project managers can check to understand the various tasks and team members’ progress, thereby making it possible to ensure that all project deadlines are met and that new tasks are assigned properly. The tool offers users an advanced search option that allows people to search through assignments and projects, updates, and images. Monday’s timeline feature allows users to track projects and tasks that span over several days or for team members with multiple workloads. This feature also allows members to drag and drop the timeline bar in order to extend the project deadline.

Monday is also an excellent marketing automation tool.

Monday – quick facts

Everything in One Digital Platform

How to Start With Monday

To use Monday facilitation tool you just need to enter your office email. Once you enter the email your 14 days trial begins. You don't need to enter your credit card information until your free trial period expires. You have the freedom to cancel your account, upgrade, or downgrade anytime you wish to do so.

Features & Services

The tool provides phone and email support to U.S users. Monday also provides a lot of guides and featured articles for you and your team to study at your own pace. It also provides its users daily webinars that you can register for. Some of the things that will be covered in the daily webinar include a fundamental work through of the tool where it is done every Monday to Thursday.

Amazing Customer Support

Live Q&As (coffee talk) with a Monday's customer success representative every Monday and Thursday. Aside from the phone, email, guide, and training offered by the tool, the tool also offers live support and ticket support. This means that you can easily reach out to the tool's team of customer support should there be an issue.

Monday is

Easy to Use, Flexible & Suitable for Various Projects and Facilitation

Monday’s interface looks amazing, with big buttons and colourful designs that make it easy to use between different screens. The key features of the tool, such as weekly tasks, shared project boards, and a message inbox, can be easily and quickly accessed through a panel on the left side of the tool interface.

Things are also simple on the mobile version of Monday, which can be quickly accessed via iOS and Android devices. In the present day, it is generally easy to work on the go, and Monday makes it so easy for users to do this.

The tool makes keeping track of team members’ progress and adding new tasks on mobile extremely easy, so team members are at liberty to work whenever and wherever they want. Monday is one the most popular digital collaboration tools in the world!

You can

Use Monday Facilitation Tool for

Project Management



CRM and Sales

Creative and Design

Task Management

HR and Recruiment

HR and Recruiment

Many people belonging to different teams in several countries across the world use Monday to help them run their projects effectively. Here is how you can use Monday facilitation tool for your projects:

You and your team can use it for daily ongoing tasks and project management. Monday is a great tool for keeping track of communication. and for everyone to know in which stage each step of the process is. Rather than using spreadsheets or other forms of documents to track communications like social media posts, phone calls received and returned, and emails sent and received, Monday board can be used easily to track all forms of communications and the communications status.

You and your organization can use Monday to manage creative projects. A graphics design team could set up a board where they can create, track, and monitor graphic designs and other related projects. In the board it’s easy to post upcoming tasks, assign a task to a particular graphic designer, and schedule task deadlines.

Monday management and collaboration platform can also be used to track your client’s tasks. In fact, many marketing teams use Monday in order to track their clients’ work using Monday. From their board, the organization’s project manager develops the tasks, assigns the tasks to particular team members, and defines work due date. Then every team member works on the task dedicated to them while the project managers and marketing teams track their work progress. Companies also use Monday to track clients and real estate properties. Could this be the best tool for your needs?

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