The Best Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation systems manage your marketing processes and makes multifunctional campaigns run smoothly and completely automatically. We test and compare these systems: which are the best marketing automation tools 2021?

Marketing automation tools are primaly used for streamlining and scaling lead management. These tools are also used for other kinds of marketing acitivites. The main goal is to generate more revenue. Marketing automation is getting more popular since it lets companies to automate their marketing and generate leads at lower costs. 

The TOP Marketing Automation Tools 2021

Moosend marketing automation tool


With Moosend marketing automation tool you are able to get all the benefits of email marketing! The system comes with drag&drop email editor, real-time data analytics, A/B Testing and list segmentation. You can get highly personalized emails and create beautiful landing pages quickly!

Wrike facilitation tool


Wrike is an excellent marketing tool loved by users around the world. It helps you to deliver high-performing campaigns on time. You can break down silos, get complete visibility and monitor real-time progress across all campaigns. In this CWM solution you'll get everything a marketer needs!

Monday facilitation tool


With Monday marketing tool you are able to demonstrate your team's impact, increase visibility across teams and channels and reach agility with processes that are fully scalable. Monday can be integrated with tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, HubSpot Facebook Ads and MailChimp!

Why should you use marketing automation tools?  They make your marketing processes and campaigns more simple and effective. All the marketing automation and CRM tools we recommend are safe and easy to use. On the  other hand it’s good to understand that not all businesses or marketing departments need these tools, so take a better look at your current needs before jumping into the world of marketing automation – you might not just be there yet.

 If however your team is the one that needs a marketing automation tool, choosing one can be tricky. After all, there are now tens of different options to choose from. The best marketing automation tool is found when you understand these two things: 1) Are you really ready for marketing automation and 2) Do you fully understand the case and its needs. We will discuss more on this in our articles later.

Automated Processes

Marketing automation tools help you to improve your marketing efforts and operations. They can make significant changes with personalized and well targeted marketing communication. 


With marketing tools you can get more leads, more data for marketing analysis and create shared databases. These increase the efficiency of marketing processes immediately and in the long run.

Ease of Use

Each marketing management tool that you find via Digital Collaboration Tool is tested by our team. We recommend only the ones that are easy to set up and start using, even without prior experience.

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When To Use CRM And Marketing Automation Tools?

Companies and organizations have different needs and tools to get their marketing efforts in line with expectations and results. If your organization has at this point many marketing channels online, and are not yet using a marketing automation tool of any kind, now might be the right time to start.

Marketing automation software is in order if you have already seen good results in more than one channel, and if you have or are ready to invest financially in scaling marketing operations. And finally, a marketing automation tool is needed if you need to scale the channels used and/or want to try out new paths.

Leveraging Software

No more doing repetitive marketing tasks: you can leave it to the marketing automation tools.

Nurture Leads

Marketing automation systems help here through integration with CDP and CRM software.

Personalize Messages And Content

The best marketing automation tools help to automate and personalize various kinds of content in all channels.