The Best Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation systems manage your marketing processes and makes multifunctional campaigns run smoothly and completely automatically. We test and compare these systems: which are the best marketing automation tools 2021?

Marketing automation tools are primaly used for streamlining and scaling lead management. These tools are also used for other kinds of marketing acitivites. The main goal is to generate more revenue. Marketing automation is getting more popular since it lets companies to automate their marketing and generate leads at lower costs. 

The TOP Marketing Automation Tools 2022

Monday facilitation tool


With Monday you can manage basically everything in one workspace. It helps you and your team to plan, track and deliver your best work yet. Setting up Monday is easy and thanks to hundreds of customizable templates, everything goes smoothly from the start. You can integrate Monday with many other .

Wrike project management tool


Wrike is an excellent project management tool loved by users around the world. It comes with multiple features, cutting-edge AI and machine learning and a powerful automation engine. As a new feature you’ll find web content proofing, which helps you to deliver your best work. Wrike has four plans: check them out and .

Why should you use marketing automation tools?  They make your marketing processes and campaigns more simple and effective. All the marketing automation and CRM tools we recommend are safe and easy to use. On the  other hand it’s good to understand that not all businesses or marketing departments need these tools, so take a better look at your current needs before jumping into the world of marketing automation – you might not just be there yet.

 If however your team is the one that needs a marketing automation tool, choosing one can be tricky. After all, there are now tens of different options to choose from. The best marketing automation tool is found when you understand these two things: 1) Are you really ready for marketing automation and 2) Do you fully understand the case and its needs. We will discuss more on this in our articles later.