Slack For Digital Collaboration

Slack is one of the best business messaging apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. It provides partners and colleagues with a concise message platform for chatting asynchronously or in real-time. It’s a convenient form of business communication with easy-to-create working spaces. Slack digital collaboration tools has an intuitive interface that is perfect also for new users.

Slack provides its users with lots of opportunities for productive and inspiring messaging. The easy-to-use interface and many integrations make it one the best tools in the markets. In addition, the pricing is affordable! Using Slack can increase the efficiency of your teams,since having a clear communication channel ensures that there is workflow integration and no one is left out!

The Best Features of Slack Project Management Tool

  • Organized channels
  • Provides flexibility
  • Simplifies work for everyone
  • Your partners can also join
  • Voice and video calls
  • Voice and video calls
  • Integrated with Google Drive, Office 365 etc
  • Helps to automate routine actions
  • File sharing

How to Use Slack Project Digital Collaboration Tool


To begin the process, it’s important to ensure that your entire team has the application on their phone or computer. Doing so ensures that integration and real-time communication will be easy now and in the future.


Users first need to create a profile and assign themselves a username on Slack digital collaboration tool. Creating Slack channels is one way of ensuring that your entire team can communicate and share important information, files and updates.


Channels can be general (open to all), or private (open to a select user group only). Channels assist with your organisation of information since there won’t be scattered team conversations about different topics or projects – all can be found in one clear space. Channels also ensure that it’s easy to search for a channel depending on the topic. Users can then contribute, join and leave as needed!


Creating a channel means that users can get quick responses, access the latest information, as well as retaining conversation and project histories. Also, users need to learn how to use the @mentions feature to help with quicker and more direct communication.


The mentions feature allows users to target specific users in a channel in order to gain direct feedback from them. Also, it ensures that everyone understands who the team member or manager is talking to in a conversation. Using the mentions function also means that the intended recipient will receive a notification to ensure that they won’t miss the message.


Slack project management tool also supports the use of emojis to ensure that there is some fun during the conversations, too. Users should be on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to use these emojis as a reaction instead of writing short messages that can clutter the conversation.


Emojis can also help speed up the work by providing short and precise replies. In addition, users can add some customized emojis to ensure that various channels feel unique. These customized emojis can help tailor different reactions from the team as required.


One thing that needs to be said, though, is that for digital facilitation Slack is not the best possible tool. It can be used as one, but it might not cover all the parts in virtual workshops.


A Simple and Effective Tool For Digital Collaboration

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    Tracking and Managing Documents

    Slack's integration option means that it's easier to use some file management options like Dropbox and Google Drive. These help users cut out back and forth messaging between teams since uploading a task on these file management platforms can provide tailored access. Such integrations also ensure that users can always control who has access to these files and identify and track when they have been changed or updated.
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    Sidebar Menu

    Utilising the sidebar menu enables users to sort through direct messages and channels easily. Users can also star the different channels that they want to see regularly. These channels then remain at the top of the sidebar to ensure that each user never loses sight of them. The sidebar has some other customisation options, like a theme, to ensure that each user can enjoy using it.
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    Search Modifiers

    There is a search function in Slack that functions much like Google search. It enables anyone to find anything they want in no time. When looking for exact matches, users should put the term in quotation marks. Adding an asterisk after a partial word acts as a wildcard and enables users to find the different instances where that fragment was used. There are additional filters that help users navigate Slack and narrow down the information they are searching for.
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    Pinning Messages

    Slack provides its users with the ability to pin messages to ensure that they can always find any crucial information quickly. Pinning messages is a handy feature because it can increase the visibility of all need-to-know items. Users can pin up to 100 documents, files, or messages for both direct messages and channels. However, pinning 100 messages can defeat the purpose because the goal is to only view the most relevant information. Pinning just a few messages ensure that everyone in the channel can better understand the information that they will find.
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    Shared Channels

    What many users do not know is that Slack can be used to collaborate with other companies. Slack provides all users with a platform where they can use shared channels to connect across different workspaces. In return, they get to have a direct line of communication.
Slack is

Easy To Use, Fun and Effective

“We’ve used the Slack project management tools in various projects. In all of them it’s been the client who has Slack and we have been invited to join as outside partners. This has made it easy to start using Slack: we can just enter the already built space and work from that!” – DCT Team

What About the

Pros and Cons?

  • Very easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Channels area easy to create
  • Can be integrated with many apps
  • Allows to add outside partners to the workspace
  • Very affordable
  • For facilitation you'll need other tools as well

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