Best Digital Facilitation Tools 2023

Is your team, organization or business having difficulties with managing and developing projects? There are various kinds of new tools for powerful and efficient process management. Find the best ones here: what are the most reliable and easy-to-use digital facilitation tools of 2023?

To organize and facilitate virtual meetings effectively, it’s important to know and understand how to make use of all the available tools. On the other hand it seems like there are tons of options to choose from. How should I find the best one for my needs in particular? Our team of experts has gathered all the best possible facilitation tools that you can use for all sorts of projects.

TOP Digital Facilitation Tools 2023
Howspace facilitation tool


Howspace is the only tool that is created purely remote facilitation in mind. Its a comprehensive management tool where worskpaces are super easy to create. Howspace is easily scalable and its responsive software is browser-based. The number of users of workspaces is not limited. Participation rates range from 80 to 95 %!

Viima facilitation tool


Viima is an amazing innovation platform that lets you gather and collect ideas from your team members, customers and even stakeholders. It’s designed to make refining and developing ideas within different groups easier. It also helps you to analyze processes and eliminate bottlenecks effectively.

Monday facilitation tool


With Monday you can manage basically everything in one workspace. It helps you and your team to plan, track and deliver your best work yet. Setting up Monday is easy and thanks to hundreds of customizable templates, everything goes smoothly from the start. You can integrate Monday with many other tools.

Wrike project management tool


Wrike is an excellent project management tool loved by users around the world. It comes with multiple features, cutting-edge AI and machine learning and a powerful automation engine. As a new feature you’ll find web content proofing, which helps you to deliver your best work. Wrike has four plans: check them out and decide which would suit you the best.



Clickup is an excellent collaboration tool suitable for all kinds of industries, brands and companies. With Clickup you can take advantage of its various features that help with communication, collaboration, task assignment and project management. You can use Clickup as a notepad, too! There are four great and flexible plans that you can choose from: find the best one for your needs and start working.

Moqups tool


Moqups is a great tool for creating and collaborating on mockups, prototypes, diagrams and wireframes. You and your team can work in real-time! This is a simple, smart and fast all-in-one online design platform that adapts easily to your workflow. Being a streamlined web app, Mockups provides you with a flexible ecosystem of tools that makes projects run smoothly. It’s simple, smart and fast. Try it!

Slack project management tool


Slack is one of the best business messaging and project management tools, especially if you are looking for a very straight-forward app and workspace. As a cool feature users are able to add outside partners to their work spaces, which makes collaborating easier and smoother. There are four different packages to choose from – all very affordable. Slack digital collaboration tools has an intuitive interface that is perfect also for new users.

Infinity tool


Infinity offers you a wide selection of simple templates to organize your work processes. It is an excellent tool for road mapping, organizing launches and managing various kinds of tasks. In other words, it’s a comprehensive tool for digital collaboration and project management. With Infinity you can organize hundreds of things by using media galleries, software overview, CRM, social media & content marketing plans, various digital resources etc.

What makes a great digital facilitation tool? The best facilitation tools provide facilitators and participants everything they need for workshops and meetings online. Since the corona pandemic has effected every aspect of our everyday life, businesses and organizations need these online facilitation tools more than ever.

In fact, remote work is becoming the new normal on many fields and industries. Hybrid model is projected to be the way to go in the future. Here digital facilitation software and professional facilitators are needed more than ever. Having the knowledge of various tools for remote work is also becoming imporant. is not just about virtual facilitation. Our site was created so that we could share articles and insights on all kinds of digital collaboration tools, such as tools for remote project management

The global digital economy is depended on many types of digital software. Remote work and hybrid models require various tools for companies and organizations, starting sometimes from the most simple things, such as VPN services.

With our articles and guides you will learn more about all types of digital collaboration tools!

Better Workflow
Digital facilitation tools help you to develop, analyze and organize your processes more smoothly. As obvious, a well-organized project is more likely to succeed.
Modern facilitation tools you can make your projects more efficient. What’s best about them is that they get the voice of each team member to be heard more effectively.
Ease of Use
Because we are all busy, setting up the digital facilitation platform should be simple. All the tools you find here on our site are just that!

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Why Use Digital Facilitation Tools?

Digital facilitation will in the future play a huge role in organizing not only well-run meetings but various kinds of engagement processes as well. The best facilitation tools enable you to reach the objectives faster. It helps you to create suitable group environments, plan agendas and encourage participation.

Covid-19 has had an impact on all of our lives in every part of the world. Due to the pandemic remote facilitation is now more important than ever. Because of new technologies and innovations these tools help all types of companies to create safe working spaces. In addition, they help to keep projects going even in the changing conditions.

  • Create clear group environments
    No more confusing digital working environments – choose a digital facilitation tool and experience the workflow getting better.
  • Plan Upcoming Agendas
    Remote facilitation tools are excellent tools for planning agendas and sharing memos, reports and other material quickly to each participant.
  • Encourage and Ensure Participation
    The best digital facilitation tool helps you to involve each participant's engagement. With the tools we recommend you can have active communication before, during and even after the sessions.

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