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Viima facilitation tool is an idea management software that over the years has become a favourite mode of implementing business ideas for various companies around the world. It is a modern software where idea management has been truly utilized. The Viima software is very straightforward, which is something most idea management software companies are lacking.

Viima works harmoniously with Office 365 software, giving you an easy way of managing your ideas without having to add other software. With more than 2000 organizations, major and minor, using this software – coming to a cumulative 1 million individual plus users – Viima proves to unite everyone by providing a platform where each and every person in the organization, from junior to senior, can share their opinion and even upload images, videos and files efficiently.

The Best Features of Viima Facilitation Tool

  • Leaderboards used to reward users
  • Responsive team to assist you effectively Built-in 3rd party integrations such as AD,
  • Office365 and Google SSO and REST API for a flawless integration
  • Automated notifications for compulsive actions
  • Excellent graphics for an engaging user experience
  • Colour coded and easily adjustable categories for ideas

Viima is a fantastic digital facilitation platform , as it creates equality when it comes to sharing ideas that will uplift the organization or workplace. This is because both the employer and employee are granted equal opportunities to share and discuss their thoughts without criticism. Moreover, easy access to multiple sources of ideas can be shared within the organization and for this reason, rapid growth is can be reached in the organization.

To access Viima, all you need to do is to sign up with your organization or business email or sign up through your Office365 credentials, which is easy and fast. It is important to note that personal emails will not work when opening Viima.

Viima facilitation tool has a free plan, premium plan and an unlimited plan for you to choose from.


Everything for Turning Ideas Into Innovation

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    Easily Accessed

    Viima is supported on Mac, Android, Windows and Android operated devices. This means that you can access Viima from your PC, mobile phone or tablet conveniently. The software has a feature that allows you to allow anyone to access your domain - it is known as the IP whitelist feature.
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    Available in Multiple Languages

    The Viima software comes in different languages, such as French, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and Spanish.
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    Ensuring Transparency

    One of the main goals that the developers of Viima have taken into consideration is ensuring that ideas are shared transparently and that everyone in the organization has been involved in the implementation of the ideas.
Viima is

An All-inclusive Tool for Creating a Great Business Environment

The software comes with a free idea management guide that contains all you need in one place. In other words, Viima has a super friendly interface that anyone can navigate. The diverse modules and transitions on the software make it easy and fun to use and the target market for this software is small, medium, or large business enterprises. So if you are looking for software that will boost communication and improve your business strategies, then Viima has your back!” – DCT Team

You can

Use Viima Facilitation Tool for

  • Innovation Management
  • Continuos Improvement
  • Open Innovation
  • Strategy Processes
  • Voice of Employees, Team Members & Customers

Viima has been developed to be supported on mobile phones, PCs and tablets, which is convenient on many ways. The software facilitates the easy addition of ideas, uploading of images, and data easily and effectively. These factors make it one of the most widely used software as far as idea management is concerned.

Viima facilitation tool is offered as a software and a service (SaaS) solution, which means that instead of downloading and installing the software to your desktop or mobile phone, you only need to access the software through an internet browser. You also do not need special IT skills or extensive training to use Viima’s software. Even if your team members are all beginners, the application will not stress you or them out out in terms of usage.

It’s important to note that Viima supports an endless number of concept boards, whereby each board can have its own processes, access rights and settings. You also have the option to invite experts if you need a more insightful opinion towards a suggested idea for more accurate results. Organizations can also track active ideators through the leaderboard feature in the software and choose to reward them. This in return may lead to better participation and motivation of employees towards the improvement of the welfare of the organization.

In our experience, Viima makes it very simple to present all ideas within the group. Everything is found in one place, and there’s no need for multiple clicks to get where you want to be. The different modules are smooth and simple, and the platform is all in all very easy to use.

Pros and Cons?

What About the

  • Straight-forward
  • Built-in 3rd party integrations
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Can also be used for the voice of the customer
  • Endless number of concept boards
  • Excellent support team
  • Not a complete on-premises solution

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