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Do you want to become a facilitator or improve your skills? Here you’ll find the best online courses for facilitation all in one place. Taking these courses will teach you how to lead discussions, introduce speakers and moderate competing ideas in the best possible way.

Digital collaboration tools, remote work and workshops are becoming the new normal within various kinds of industries. Virtual facilitators are needed as well: a skilled, educated and experienced facilitator plays a significant role in many types of projects. With the online courses for facilitation that we recommend you can start your journey as a digital facilitator or improve your skills and broaden our knowledge gained so far.

Best Online Courses for Facilitation 2021

Digital collaboration academy courses

Architecting Collaboration

A new Transformation Agent Program is starting this May. In this course you'll learn new skills for the future. The program is designed especially for facilitators, transformation consultants, learning designers and business and HR leaders.
Udemy courses online


Udemy has the world's largest selection of online courses on various topics - also with virtual facilitation. For facilitators to be and the ones that already are there are multiple online courses to choose from. There are also many interesting courses around public speaking, conference calls and workplace communication.

How Do the Courses Work?

Videos, Sessions and Articles

The online courses for facilitation that we recommend are comprehensive. Usually there’s also a chance to continue with online studies around the topic further, depending on the company and the schedule.

Being a virtual facilitator means that you need to have many skills, we gather here all the online courses that we believe might be useful. In other words, you can find here information about courses that handle things like public speaking skills, presentation skills, employee engagement and workplace communication.

If you or your company are a provider for these kinds of online courses, and would like to be featured on our site, drop as a note!

  • Virtual Facilitation
    No more confusing digital environments - choose a digital facilitation tool and experience the workflow getting better.
  • Public Speaking Skills
    Remote facilitation tools are excellent tools for planning agendas and sharing memos, reports and other material quickly to each participant.
  • Presentation Skills
    The best digital facilitation tool helps you to involve each participant's engagement. With the tools we recommend you can have active dialogue between and during the sessions