Howspace Facilitation Tool

Howspace facilitation tool lets you create a noiseless and dedicated workspace for various kinds of processes and initiatives. As a result, each participant is able to focus on their own part, but also to co-operate efficiently in all steps necessary.

The tool is very simple to use: launch workspaces just by dragging different widgets and soon the workspace is ready to go. With Howspace widgets you can create polls, chats, assignments, videos, book meetings and much, much more!

The Best Features of Howspace Facilitation Tool

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20 User Package

20 users/month
  • Unlimited amount of workspaces. Email support. On-boarding and training. Access to Howspace Community.

50 User Package

50 users/month
  • Unlimited amount of workspaces. Email support. On-boarding and training. Access to Howspace Community.

100 User Package

100 users/month
  • Unlimited amount of workspaces. Email support. On-boarding and training. Access to Howspace Community.

Tailored Package

Starting at 100 users/month
Fixed Prices
  • Packages for 500+ people. Enterprise licenses. Large-scale involvement processes (thousands of users). Events.

Howspace facilitation tool is one of its kind, as it’s the first and so far the only all-in-one digital facilitation platform. In fact, Howspace is specifically designed for events and remote workshops. If you are a facilitator running those kinds of events, here’s the right tool for you.

Other learning platforms and remote project tools focus mostly on content distribution and formal instruction. This they do in a very simple and one-way-street kind of approach. Howspace remote facilitation tool, however, makes things differently. It is a lively, multi-dimentional social learning environment. Therefore it’s suitable for various kinds of processes. With Howspace it’s possible to reach a comprehensive and highly interactive digital workspace that is based on you and your teams needs and preferences.

Howspace is currently available in English, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and French. Setting up the workspace doesn’t require any integrations or coding. This means that in most cases setting up the workspace takes only minutes instead of hours.

Howspace facilitation tool is different from common digital collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack and Teams, as it’s developed for facilitator-led dialogue, as well as multi-level processes.

What is howspace?

Everything for facilitation in one platform

Facilitating Events & Workshops

With Howspace facilitation tool you get basically everything: it's an all-in-one platform for efficient and enjoyable digital facilitation. It's perfect for all types of faciliator-led events . Try it!

Organizational Development & Change

With Howspace you're able to create environments that are truly proactive and that are perfect for continuous change. The platform is super flexible and can be scaled for various situations and events.

Learning programs

With Howspace digital facilitation tool it's possible to multiply learning programs. This you can do with encouraging team members for instance in peer-to-peer learning and supporting all types of collaboration on every step of the way. Howspace is particularly exceptional because it lets your participants learn exactly when they want.

Howspace is

Scalable, Flexible & Secure

“We’ve used Howspace both in smaller and larger projects. Our marketing agency uses Howspace  in two ways. Firstly, within our own team in coming up and developing ideas. Secondly, with organizing and planning projects directly and easily with our customers. Also, we’ve heard positive feedback from colleagues working in larger institutions. No matter the size of the team or the aim of the project, Howspace makes things simple and effective!” – DCT Team

You can

Use Howspace Facilitation Tool for

Strategy Work

Defining Culture and Values

Organizational Assessments


Involving limitless amount of people anytime, anywhere

Howspace learning too

Learning sessions

You’re able to create basically yoyr very own learning website. Absolutely no coding is needed! You can setup tasks, Q&A’s, discussions, assignments, documentations and sessions for brainstorming. Participants can use here text, videos, attachments and images in various ways.

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Multiple widgets

With Howspace facilitation tool’s multiple widgets you  can create a workspace that’s ideal for each organizational development initiative. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to add widgets and create the perfect digital workspace for each project. Users can also develop the workspace!

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Discussion board

Discussion boards can be analyzed by simply choosing a discussion: Howspace creates a summary. In addition to discussion boards you can like, vote and give points to different ideas.

What about the

Pros and Cons?

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