12 Best Brainstorming Tools For Virtual Collaboration

A team needs to have a perfect avenue where they can get together and communicate each other’s ideas. With an interactive platform, a team’s efforts will likely result in innovative outcomes. The following brainstorming tools provide engaging features for a team to collaborate. Read below to know more.

Howspace facilitation tool logo


Howspace platform uses AI technology and offers improved collaboration in the business industry. As a matter of fact, it works to integrate everyone’s thoughts and goals. So, this leads to a collaboration that boosts the greatest results.

There are several ways you can use this tool. In fact, it offers four different cases to use depending on the user’s purpose. It’s best suited for workshops, organizational development, and virtual communities. Individuals and organizations alike can keep everyone aligned with their objectives. Indeed, it delivers a broad online platform with simple methods.

Thus, this software is perfect for leaders, managers, and learning experts.

Viima brainstorming tool


Viima is an enterprise-wide software and it functions as a medium for innovation management. In general, it allows users to ease their processes step by step. To make the magic happen, the workspace provides cases for successful idea management. Each of these focuses on four ways to help you:

  • gather ideas from different people
  • develop processes that turn ideas into innovation
  • organize which tools to use, and
  • analyze your process by spotting trends

This tool not only works for big teams but is also suitable for small teams. It offers great flexibility no matter what type of innovation you need. Besides that, you can manage your platform appearance depending on your team’s preference.

Monday brainstorming tool


As individual workers, you have different deadlines, thought processes, and ways of communication. But as a team, performance is a group effort. To ease you up, Monday offers a platform that allows a team to put all inputs into one workflow.

This platform caters to a lot of designs for specific needs of a team. These include systems for marketing, software development, and project management. You can customize a workflow according to your needs and the type of work your team does. Likewise, you can see the work’s blueprint by choosing among building blocks.

In summary, this virtual system maximizes productivity and prompts great business impact.

Wrike logo


If your team is looking for a wider project management tool, then Wrike tops the list. This tool describes its platform as versatile and robust which is true for some reasons.

First, it has many team-based and case-focused platforms. These templates work well for specific purposes and team goals. Second, it owns a wide range of apps and tools you can integrate while working on the platform. Last, your team can customize your dashboards based on how you want to achieve each goal.

Clickup brainstorming


Like other project management tools, ClickUp provides a space for a smooth workflow. In general, teams can choose different templates for how they want to collaborate.

Despite some similarities, it has a unique feature for businesses out there. Apart from the templates, this tool creates unique user experiences. It can be tailored for every business type and size. This includes enterprises, startups, and non-profit organizations. Usually, the platform simplifies team collaboration and sets long-term business goals.

Also, it provides users to choose from a wide selection of options to manage the tool to their advantage.


This brainstorming tool works for the manufacturing and design departments. Its purpose includes the visualization of concepts. Moqups’ format allows teams to collaborate on wireframes, prototypes, mock-ups, and diagrams. In fact, this tool’s simplistic approach makes integration into the workflow convenient.

Some of the products that it provides include:

  • Wireframe Tool
  • Flowchart Maker
  • Graph Maker
  • Online Whiteboard

The templates serve as helpful features that the team can use to see the design process. Thus, Moqups is the top choice when creating prototypes, interactive products, or wireframes.


In order for teamwork to succeed, the members must have an effective way of communication. One of the powerful brainstorming tools that you might want to consider is Slack. It is an instant messaging platform used for professional and organizational communication. Today, people use it more often as a means to communicate with peers or other groups with the same interest.

The Slack process works by means of having one workspace with channels for a team. Organizers create these dedicated pages as a venue for harmonious and orderly collaboration. In other words, it brings together many people into one group. It allows them to interact about different projects in one place. Meanwhile, members can focus on a singular topic by interacting on channels.

So if staying connected and exchanging ideas is a top priority of your team, Slack is for you.

Infinity logo


This useful project management tool is for brainstorming. Although other software of this kind has similar products and features as Infinity. Yet, Infinity claims to be the best as it has over 20,000 companies to back it up.

To set it apart from the others, the creators of this tool added some features. These include:

  • Variety of views to visualize and manage your data
  • Customizable attributes to add context to your workflow
  • Structures that aid in organizing and storing data.


Its seamless management style made Asana one of the popular brainstorming software. The views and templates of this tool inspire endless creativity. It’s fun to use its mix-and-match features on the interface. On top of that, the highlight among all is focused on the extensive amount of tools you can integrate with Asana. Put all your work together in one place by connecting over 200 tools. And, even though your members work from afar, Asana brings you together in one space.


The cutting-edge platform carries out event organization to build strong connections. Brella allows both attendees and sponsors to achieve meaningful networking experiences. It also collects and analyzes data for collaborators to gain a new way of looking at the project. In turn, they can make improvements in event management. More so, it uses AI technology for accurate matchmaking. By signing up, you can expect a chance to meet your people.

In summary, Brella offers consulting services to organize corporate, trade shows, and similar events like no other.


Imagine yourself in a meeting and using a whiteboard as you take down notes on shared ideas — that is Miro. This allows teams to brainstorm plans through an online whiteboard platform.

Design, development, and engineering teams enjoy this visual tool. They can make the most out of the many digital features available. As a result, the let of visual features enable them to map out the right outcomes they want to produce.


It is a project management tool covering a lot of phases even beyond brainstorming. This can be overwhelming for some. The good news is Todoist paves a way for you to micromanage in the most tangible and simplest way possible. Above all, you can celebrate small wins by organizing your tasks.

Additionally, there’s a chance to achieve more whenever you’ve accomplished a task. Like a to-do list, you can set deadlines, reminders, and priority levels. Moreover, this platform allows you to share your list with the people you work with. As a team leader, you can break down each task into subtasks and then delegate them to others. Todoist lets you be in control of your daily activities. Its advanced features allow for swift tool integration for smoother team collaboration.

FAQs About Brainstorming

What is the importance of brainstorming?

Brainstorming allows individuals to form new ideas when solving problems. This results in people showing their creativity and exercising good communication. More so, it inspires inclusivity and makes the team better.

What are the benefits of using brainstorming tools?

They generate creativity anytime and anywhere, draw inspiration to end creative blocks, discover endless possibilities and opportunities from shared ideas, bring inclusivity among team members.

Which tool is best suited for brainstorming and collaboration?

If any of the tools listed above works for one team, it does not mean that it will work for every other team. Not all sizes fit all, as the saying goes. Generally, you have to get a clear picture of how your team works. Then, find the appropriate tool to bring the best out of your team.

How can you get the most effectiveness out of brainstorming?

Every day, you encounter challenging problems and tasks. When it gets difficult, creating solutions and ideas gets difficult too. These brainstorming tools provide engaging platforms to help you feel at ease. As a result, it gets your creative juices flowing and turns those into tangible results. In essence, the design of these tools caters to different needs.

Does brainstorming in a group always work?

Most of the time, brainstorming works in a group setting. But, this only turns out well with the right execution and in the appropriate setting. For the most part, how you brainstorm correlates to your team’s productivity and success.

Other Great Tools For Your Projects