Best Tools for Audience Engagement

Best tools for audience engagement are vital for succesful live stream. However, engaging with an audience can be a tough task to do. You want to make sure constant updates for your website. Also, ensure your social media platforms are easily accessible. Moreover, connect with your customers on more than a basic level.

Live-streaming with your fans and customers is one of the best ways to engage with your brand. Luckily, some great audience interaction tools can help you create live content and connect with your audience in real-time.

We explore some of the best tools for audience engagement in this article.

Facebook Live -Best tools for audience engagement

A live video is one of the hottest trends in social media. Facebook is well-positioned to capitalize on that as the platform where many live videos are available.

The audience engagement tool is steadily growing as one of the best audience engagement tools. It is usable by publishers for breaking news events. Also, non-profits to raise money for causes, and businesses for product launches and other corporate events.

Facebook Live provides a live broadcasting service that lets anyone with a Facebook account share real-time videos with their followers. You can broadcast from your desktop or a mobile device. After setting up your stream, you have a range of options for interacting with viewers. That interaction is what makes Facebook Live great for engaging your audience.

This is because you can broadcast live video to your page, profile or group. There are numerous ways to use Facebook Live. Key examples include:

  • Behind-the-scenes updates: Give fans an exclusive look at how you create products or services. This also gives them a chance to ask questions in real-time.
  • Q&A sessions: Invite customers to submit questions before or during the live stream event and answer them on air.
  • Product demonstrations: Show off your latest offerings with a live demonstration of their features and how to use them.

Skype — Affordable audience interaction tools

Skyping is a classic audience engagement platform tool in the world of business communication and digital collaboration. It is easy to use, has an intuitive interface. Also, it offers a range of functionality that you can use to engage with your audience.

Here are some of the ways you can use Skype to engage with your audience:

  • Send instant messages. Skype allows you to send messages in real-time to communicate with your audience members easily and quickly. Plus, its messaging platform has great search functions, so you can find what you need when you need it.
  • Video chat. Skype’s video chat feature is perfect if you want to get more personal and connect face-to-face. You can record your video calls for later viewing or sharing if anything important comes up during your meeting.
  • Collaborate on projects. With Skype, the entire team can work together on files and documents, making collaboration easy and convenient.

The best part about Skype is that it’s free. Hence, there’s no reason not to try it out.

Google Hangouts On Air — Popular tools to engage online audience

One great way to talk directly with your audience is through Google Hangouts On Air. It comes with an added benefit, there is direct recording and uploading to YouTube.

By now, you’ve seen Google Hangouts On Air in action. They are currently in use for presidential debates, film premieres, and breaking news events. The technology is not new, but marketers still under use it.

Google Hangouts On Air are live video events that you can broadcast to anyone on the Internet via a link or a select group of people via email invitation. They are a powerful audience engagement platform for engaging your audience because they allow you to connect with them in real-time.

There are plenty of ways you can use Google Hangouts On Air as part of your content marketing strategy:

  • Live Q&As/AMA sessions with influencers or members of your team. This format is popular with all kinds of personalities, including musical artists like Ed Sheeran, authors like John Green, and even the President of the United States. You can learn more about doing an AMA on the HubSpot Blog.
  • Educational presentations/webinars featuring industry leaders on topics that matter to your customers, such as case studies or best practices in your field.

YouTube Live — Best audience engagement tools

Youtube Live is a relatively new live-casting platform. It’s different from Facebook Live because it’s video-only, and you must use a camera to stream. Another difference is that YouTube Live has built-in support for more cameras, including certain DSLRs, camcorders, laptops with webcams, and even 360° cameras.

Of course, YouTube Live is supported by YouTube itself. You can embed your live streams anywhere on the web and interact with your audience through comments and chat. Moreover, you can also monetize your stream if you are a verified partner on YouTube.

Although YouTube Live is relatively new, it already has some exciting features. This includes live data analytics to see how many people are watching, where they’re from, and what device they’re using to watch your stream.

YouTube Live also has some great archiving features. You can choose to save your streams automatically, so they are posted on your channel for people to watch later.

Twitter Polls and Hashtags — Simple best audience engagement tools

These tools to engage online audience are a great way to engage your audience, produce content and get feedback from your fans. They’re also a fun way to get your audience involved. Twitter has made polls very easy to create by allowing users to add two answer options to any question asked.

Hashtags are another fun way to engage with your fans and followers. They’re also a simple and easy way for your fans to express their love for you or the brand they’re buying from. This will help build up your brand awareness by creating conversation around it.

However, beware that hashtags can go awry quickly if you don’t moderate them properly. So, make sure you have someone monitoring the surrounding conversations.

Audience engagement platform — Facebook Polls and Questions

Facebook’s polling feature is a great way to engage your audience and get them to interact with your content. Using polls, you can learn valuable information about your audience. Both the individual responses and how your audience votes.

Polls are an effective way to generate buzz around a new product or service. Also, getting feedback on what type of content people want to see more of on your page. You can even use polls to gather data for future blog posts. This is by asking questions like “What e-commerce shopping experience do you find most frustrating?”

Voting is informative. However, it’s also important not to overlook individual responses. If someone leaves a detailed response in the comments section of your poll, that person may be worth reaching out to privately for further input.

While primary polls are simple for everyone, some audience interaction tools are available for creating advanced social media polls. Thus, it allows you to segment responses and export analytics on the results.

Periscope and Blab — Alternative tools to engage online audience

The app has been around since March 2015. It’s a live-streaming app owned by Twitter, and it’s a great tool for building audience engagement.

There are two different ways to use Periscope to communicate with your audience.

First, you can go live and stream something that’s happening right now. This is great if you have an event that you want your followers to be able to experience in real-time. You can show them around the office or a trade show or even share a new product launch.

Furthermore, you can use the “save it for later” option to add in more editing, such as adding graphics, music, or other elements. This feature works well if you have an interview. Also, when you want to edit out any awkward pauses or make things flow better overall. This also lets you add in some premium content that isn’t available on other platforms.

Finally, you can use the “replay” option if there’s some valuable information that others may have missed the first time around. This is great for building an archive of helpful content for your audience.


This tool that allows you to get feedback from your audience and understand their preferences. It lets you easily create surveys, customize them, and share them with your audience through email or social media. You can also create quizzes and polls to gather feedback quickly.

One of the best things about SurveyMonkey is its integration with other tools to engage online audience. This includes MailChimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and Zapier. This allows you to automate some processes to focus on other essential things.

FAQs about Best Tools for Audience Engagement

Here is a look at some common questions about audience engagement:

What are some good ways for social media audience interaction tools?

Ask questions that engage your audience. For example, if you sell sports equipment, you could share a post asking followers about their favorite game-day snack.

How can I get more subscribers on my email list audience engagement platform?

Email marketing campaigns that use sign-up forms can be very effective at generating new leads and subscribers. To increase sign-ups, make sure that you offer something of value in exchange for each new subscriber’s contact details.

What is the best audience engagement tools?

Your website should always include links to your social media profiles. Therefore, customers can easily find them. Also, consider adding plug-ins that allow visitors to “like” or “follow” your business. This is without leaving the site (through Facebook’s Open Graph API).

Final Takeaway

There are a lot of potential tools to engage online audience, and many of them can be costly. However, these best audience engagement tools can significantly impact building your brand or company’s presence online. Hence, the takeaway here is that it is worth investing in some tool to help entice and engage your audience.

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