Best Tools for Surveys and Polls

Are you planning to conduct a survey or poll? This post will help you pick the best tools for surveys and polls. It is very important to have the right online survey software at your disposal when conducting a survey so be careful with the choices.

There are so many benefits of using online surveys. However, when your tool doesn’t meet your needs, the entire experience can be frustrating for both you and your respondents.

Choosing the best polling software for surveys and polls is essential. This is whether you want to collect feedback from customers or determine what people think about a particular topic. Also, when comparing different options available.

There are plenty of free online survey makers in the market. You may need something that offers more functionality and advanced features. Moreover, you may also want to avoid some limitations of free tools. This includes dealing with advertising or being forced to send data outside your organization. There are many options available today, and here are our picks for the top best online survey tools:

Best tools for surveys and polls

PollMole — Best tools for surveys

A new survey app that allows you to create your surveys and polls. Moreover, it gives you the ability to analyse and use the data you collect to improve your business.

In addition, this best polling software will turn your collected data into reports that are easy to understand and interpret. The reports can show trends and patterns in the answers you receive. This can help you make decisions based on those findings.

What makes PollMole stand out? Each answer given in a PollMole survey is taken into consideration with each other responses. This gives PollMole the ability to give deeper insight into the answers received.

For example, you have a question that asks people to select whether they are happy with their job. Also, there is an option to add a comment about why they feel that way. PollMole can look at all of these responses together. Then it will be able to see if there’s a pattern or trend in why people feel a certain way about their jobs.

The survey tool also gives users the ability to analyse demographic information about the respondents. This includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language

This information plays a vital role in marketing purposes.

Zoomerang — Best survey tools

One of the best-known survey tools on the market. SurveyMonkey owns it. While the latter offers a service that allows you to construct your surveys and collect responses, Zoomerang allows you to purchase pre-written surveys. This is by using questions that experts have tested.

The online survey tool has three types of surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys help you measure customer happiness. Also, create actionable insights. They come with four pre-written questionnaires. This covers post-purchase evaluation, customer loyalty, return on investment, and sales effectiveness.
  • Employee satisfaction survey’s design helps you better understand staff attitudes and identify key areas for improvement. There are 17 templates covering areas ranging from staff morale to an office environment.
  • Market research surveys that let you “create quick and easy online quantitative studies” using questions written by professional researchers. The idea is that these let you save time and money compared to creating your custom questionnaire or hiring a research agency.

Zoomerang can be used as a standalone product or integrated with popular analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

SurveyMonkey — Best polling software

One comprehensive survey platform that offers a variety of question types, including multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The pricing tiers are based on the number of respondents you need per survey and the frequency you plan to send them.

Furthermore, the basic tier is free. However, it only allows you to collect up to 100 responses per month and doesn’t include many features. The standard tier allows for unlimited responses and costs $19 per month billed annually or $25 per month for month-to-month billing. A premium tier also costs $35 per month billed annually or $45 per month for month-to-month billing.

SurveyMonkey has a handful of integrations, including Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and Salesforce. Its free version is fairly limited. However, it’s still worth testing before moving on to one of its competitors.

Google Forms — Best free online survey tools

One of the best online survey software for building simple surveys and polls, but it also works well for collecting registration and RSVP information for events.

Also, it’s free and easy to use. You can create a form by logging in to your Gmail account and clicking on the Google Forms icon. You’ll find various templates there, including quizzes, satisfaction surveys, and event registration.

Furthermore, you will then be able to customize the template and add your questions or change the existing ones. Likewise, you can either email the survey link or embed it into your website after finishing. Google Forms offers offline access, which means you can create forms even when you’re not connected to the internet. It’s also fully integrated with other Google products like Drive, Sheets, and Calendar, making data collection easier.

QuestionPro — Free online survey makers

One of the powerful and best online survey tools for creating surveys, polls, and questionnaires. It offers a wide range of question types and the ability to customize the look and feel of the survey, making it an ideal choice for customer feedback surveys.

Unlike some best tools for survey that feel clunky and outdated, QuestionPro is a great option if you’re looking for something modern and pretty. You can create an account with your Google or Facebook account.

The best polling software offers a free plan that comes with basic features such as unlimited questions and responses, single-question reports, and question piping. The latter allows you to insert answers from previous questions into later questions.

Also, skip logic and basic branding. The free plan has some limitations. For example, you can only ask ten questions per survey, branding is limited to a logo on the “Thank You” page, and you can’t manage team members or use advanced design features.

The paid options start at $25 per month and offer more customization options, team member management, and detailed reports with charts.

OMBEA Response — Easy-to-use best online survey tools

This product designed to be used in the classroom, with students using their own devices as a voting system. The software has been designed to work on any device with a web browser, and it comes with the ability to create multiple-choice questions, numeric answers, and open-ended questions.

It’s like having your version of the popular ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game show when you want to engage your audience and make them think about their responses. You can use it for training sessions to test learning or meetings to take a quick temperature check of how people feel about particular issues.

In addition, you can choose from a wide range of question types, including multiple choice and free text, plus you can download the data into Excel for analysis. Thanks to an app, you can vote on your smartphone or tablet.

SurveyBot — Affordable online survey software

One of the best polling software that offers a new way to get feedback. The free online survey makers is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that guides users through surveys the same way a person would. It asks questions one at a time in a conversation and records your answers. This means you get more open and honest answers instead of the canned responses given with traditional online surveys.

This tool is free and easy to use: You message SurveyBot on Facebook, then type in the questions you want to ask. You can also add custom images and GIFs to support your survey questions, and it will show those to users as they respond.

SurveyBot also makes it easy to analyse your results. It gives you visual reports of your data that help you conclude your audience. Also, it saves individual responses. Therefore, you can review them later. — Free online survey makers

A straightforward free online survey makers with plenty of features and a much more modern feel than many other platforms. For example, it uses a “blocks” interface that lets you create surveys using page layouts.

Other platforms use a more traditional linear structure that prompts users from one question to the next. However, breaks things up into blocks that include text, images, and questions.

To build a survey in Survs, you start by choosing your question type (multiple-choice, rating, etc.). Then you add each question to its block and set a conditional statement to determine how it will appear in an online survey. For example, if someone answers “yes,” additional questions may appear for follow-up information.

After building your survey, you share it through email or social media channels. Afterward, you can analyse the data collected in real-time. You don’t get as many advanced options as some other platforms here. For example, customizable branching. However, surveys are still easy to create and take only minutes to deploy.

PollDeep -Affordable best survey tools

Want to know what your customers think of your products and services? With the right tools, you can easily reach out to them and get the answers.

PollDeep is a free online tool that lets you create polls in just a few steps. You choose a question type — multiple-choice, rating, yes/no, and so on. Afterward, you can customize it by filling in the question and answer fields. Moreover, you can also customize the look of your poll to match your website’s style.

When it comes time to share your poll with customers, the best survey tools provide several options for distribution. You can post the poll to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter or send it via email using Google Mail or Outlook. Also, you can even embed the poll on your website or blog using the HTML code provided by PollDeep.

The online survey software will collect all the responses to your poll in an easy-to-read format that you can download as a CSV file. The company doesn’t provide any analysis of your survey results beyond this. Therefore, if you want to dig deeper into what customers are saying about your brand or products, you’ll have to do that yourself.


A user-friendly human resources (HR) tool that helps small businesses manage employee information track time off, and handle performance reviews. CakeHR is easy to use and offers all the features you need to run your HR operations smoothly, but it lacks some more advanced features that larger businesses may want.

Moreover, CakeHR offers a free version of its software for up to 10 employees. There are also two paid versions with unlimited users: Professional ($7 per user per month) and Enterprise ($9 per user per month). The main difference between them is that Professional has limited access for external users who don’t have an account, while Enterprise unlocks all collaborative capabilities.

One of the standout best online survey tools has many useful features, including employee self-service, vacation tracking, file storage, and performance reviews. There are tools for approving or denying employee requests, generating reports on employee time off and sick days, tracking schedules and shifts, and organizing performance reviews from the HR perspective. It’s easy to navigate through menus and find what you’re looking for.

Surveys are important for companies

Overall, surveys are an important tool for companies in all niches to gather information, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions that help them to improve their offerings and stay competitive in their industry.

  1. Customer feedback: Surveys provide companies with valuable information on what their customers think about their products or services. This feedback helps companies to improve their offerings, tailor their marketing messages, and identify areas for growth.
  2. Market research: Surveys can also be used to conduct market research, which helps companies to understand trends and preferences within their industry. This information can be used to develop new products or services that meet customer needs.
  3. Data-driven decision making: Surveys provide companies with data that can be used to make informed decisions. By analyzing survey results, companies can identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions that are based on facts rather than assumptions.
  4. Measure customer satisfaction: Surveys are an effective way to measure customer satisfaction. By asking customers to rate their experience with a company, the company can identify areas where they are succeeding and areas where they need to improve.
  5. Competitive analysis: Surveys can also be used to conduct competitive analysis. By asking customers about their experiences with competitors, companies can identify areas where they can differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage.


How do I create a survey?

Creating a survey is easy with online survey software. You can drag and drop questions in from the left-hand panel in the editor. Also, you can choose from 22 different question types, although most users stick to the basics like multiple-choice, open-ended text boxes, and ratings.

What if I want to ask a complex question?

You can use question piping or skip logic to ask follow-up questions depending on a respondent’s previous answers. Alternatively, you can also add multimedia fields like videos and images to your survey.

How long should my survey be?

It depends on your goals and which online survey software you choose. However, try to keep it short. When surveying your customers for feedback, we recommend keeping it under ten questions. Also, when performing market research, you should make sure that each question is valuable. The longer your survey is, the fewer people will complete it.

Final Takeaway on Best Survey Tools

Thanks to these handy polling tools, taking surveys and polls has never been easier. Whether you need a way to gather information from those around you or get the opinion of your audience. These best tools for surveys and polls can help you reach your goals.

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