Work Remotely From Anywhere in the World

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote working has been adopted by the majority of, if not all, office-based businesses.

Remote working is a style of working that allows people from various fields to work in a different setup aside from the custom one usually housed in an office complex. This mode of working has several benefits to you, both as an employer or employee in that you may work in any formal or informal setup of your choice.

This creates comfort and reduced pressure on employees. Aside from that, if you set goals in your organization as an employer, you may realize that the goals set can be easily achieved since everyone around you is motivated to work. 

Work from anywhere in the world

Companies Need to Change

Many companies are now looking to change to a remote working system because this is a strategy that has its fair share of benefits. In most parts of the world it is of course now basically mandatory. This is also listed among the top strategies being pushed forward towards achieving goals on climate change.

Among the main advantages of remote working is the fact that you will not have to commute all the way to your workplace. This means that your productivity will increase due to more time – the time wasted in traffic may actually be used more usefully.

One colleague of ours shared on LinkedIn just recently about the fact that since spring 2020, he’s had two extra hours every working day – just because of working remotely!

Another benefit is that job opportunities will spread across the globe and the workforce will be less limited. This is important to companies because more people will get to know the organizations, meaning boosts in revenue. However, it is important to note that as much as it may seem like a productive idea, it may provide an equal share of downturns for the organization.

This is because there is a feeling of isolation connected to remote work. That may sometimes lead to depression. Needless to say, this factor may affect productivity. Alternatively, you may face distractions from pets, children or your spouse if you are working from home. This definitely leads to less productivity.

Communication may also be a challenge if you are trying to manage people working remotely because you don’t have control over their availability or urgency according to situations that may arise. Therefore, this is a strategy that should be well researched and planned to obtain the most positive results. We recommend that you and your company or organization choose a proper project management, marketing automation tool or/and digital facilitation tool.

What Do You Need to Work Remotely?

In order to make remote working to be achievable, various platforms have to be put in place to achieve the desired results. This means that telecommunication companies need to come together to achieve this venture. As you read further, you will get to understand the important tools you need in order to work remotely comfortably.

One of those tools is a mobile hotspot. It is obvious that in order to work remotely, you need to be connected to the internet. Therefore, you may acquire a wireless internet connection or mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspots are important to serve as back up in case you lose power or internet access. This means you are always connected.

Remotely working is possible from anywhere

Another tool is the remote desktop software feature. This feature is very important as it will enable you to connect to a computer in another location, meaning you will be able to access anything you need comfortably from where you are.

Other Tools to Consider

Team chat apps are also effective in making sure that there is active communication between co-workers, therefore increasing better unity and cooperation among your colleagues. Also, video conferencing applications such as Zoom are very important, as you will not have to personally attend meetings. This means you will not be restricted to one location.

Nowadays there are also many apps for phones that enable a seamless work flow without having to stay at one place.

There are also cloud storage tools which also serve as a means of storing files. This feature is convenient because it works on all devices. One such important tool is Dropbox or any other type of service that gives you more storage space.

These tools are useful for when you find yourself wanting to share a very large file which may be difficult to send through email. Therefore, investing in these types of services will ensure that you can share large files such as PowerPoint presentations and large sketches.

There are also note­-taking applications that come with a feature that helps you remain organized by storing things you may need to read quickly. This feature is known as the web-clipping feature and is a good way of getting rid of unnecessary icons on your desktop.

Finally, you should invest in a good security tool such as file and disk encryption, online backup, two-factor authentication, a good VPN and automation tools. This is important because all your personal data should be safely stored to avoid it landing in the wrong hands.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world

Apply For a Job from Anywhere

Remote working is advantageous because you will not have to present yourself physically to look for a job. In fact, it might be actually comfortable if you undergo an interview from a place of your choice. This creates confidence rather than having to present yourself somewhere you are not familiar with. Also, there is no limitation to states or countries when it comes to finding jobs.

This is because as long as you have the necessary skills needed in a certain firm, you will not be prohibited from applying as everything will be done online. This means that you are likely to have the chance to work for international organizations without the hassle of commuting from one place to another. 

Different kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures are brought together, meaning remote working can also be used as a tool for global peaceful integration among people.

An Example: Central Asia As a Remote Working Destination

Since you can work from anywhere, why not explore the world at the same time? Central Asian destinations are generally not very well known but especially Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan offer good opportunities as remote work destinations. Most importantly they have good and fairly reliable internet connections both by landlines and through the mobile data connections as a backup connection.

The best places with all the necessities for working are of course the capitals: Tashkent, Astana and Bishkek but we should not forget Almaty or Samarkand either. Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are not recommended due to internet restrictions.

All the above mentioned cities offer inexpensive accommodation and live expat communities.

Visas are not anymore an issue for any EU citizen or a traveller from other Western countries. Income taxation of officially registered foreign workers in Central Asian countries varies between 10 – 20 % depending on the country.

Other Benefits of Working Remotely

Also, working remotely can be very helpful to persons living with disabilities. You may find yourself unable to apply for a position that fits your professional merits due to a disability that may prohibit you from moving or working in an office.

By enabling each government entity or private sector to have a remote working system, this will create equal opportunities for everyone without having to exclude anyone due to their physical challenges.

Therefore, the goal of equal employment opportunities will be achieved.

Remote jobs

What Happens After Covid-19?

It is conclusive to say that remote working has worked quite well for many during this period of Covid-19 and continuing with this system even after the pandemic will be very promising.

In fact, it seems many companies have already realized that adapting to this system in this technological era is the way to go because companies are able to reach out to a larger crowd across the globe, therefore creating a boost in economic growth.

The world is also advancing towards technological advancements as the majority of governments invest in communication infrastructures to facilitate easy internet access to each of its citizens. This means that the world is quickly advancing further towards a remote working society. The challenges for hybrid work model are also already here.