Most popular apps on phones in 2023

Tiktok is certainly one of the most downloaded apps in the world and its popularity shows no signs of waning, despite the fact that more and more people are realising the risks of using it. Currently, Tiktok has more than 850 active monthly users, according to our data.

However, there are many other apps that are consistently on the top of the list. The list for 20203 does not offer many surprises, but there is still plenty of time left and the list may look very different in a few months’ time.

But here are the most popular mobile apps at the moment:


For many, Instagram was the next app after Facebook, but it started off a little slower than Facebook. Today, however, it is one of the most used apps in the world. Instagram is also a way to make a living nowadays, as traditional bloggers were replaced by some-influencers.

Dating apps Bumble and Tinder

Globally, Bumble is still not as popular as its rival Tinder, but we put it on this list because the number of users is clearly on the rise.

Bumble is special in that only women have the opportunity to make an initiative. It also allows users to find new friends, career opportunities, networking and dating opportunities. So in practice it is a much broader application for meeting new people than Tinder.

In both dating apps, basic services are available completely free of charge, but additional features cost money.

Best apps for phones 2023

Duolingo for people interested in languages

If you’re interested in learning new languages, you should choose Duolingo. It is one of the best language learning apps on the market and this is reflected in the number of users.

The learning sessions are gamified, so users are engaged for a long time. The app currently offers almost 100 different language courses in almost 40 languages. The app combines different methods such as reading sentences, pronouncing words, combining pictures and words, etc.

Amazon for shoppers

The Amazon app is the best online shopping app in the world, at least if you ask us. The e-commerce platform, which originated as a bookstore, now includes everything from jewellery to groceries. Thanks to technological innovation and ingenious mass scaling, the app is now not only the best but also the most extensive online store in the world.

Despite its dense offering, the app is easy to use and lightweight. The search engine allows you to filter different products, which makes searching easy.

Spotify for music and podcast listeners

Spotify will undoubtedly remain one of the most popular apps in the world in 2023, with over 320 million active users. There are already almost 150 million paying subscribers.

Spotify lets you listen to your favourite music anywhere, anytime and from anywhere in the world. You can also listen to the countless podcasts that have become so popular in recent years.

Google Find My Device for all Android users

Apple users automatically have their own apps for locating their devices, but Android users don’t usually have one installed directly. Losing your smartphone can make life much harder these days, with not only your contacts on your phone, but also photos, videos and all your most used apps.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have an app that shows you the location of your device. Google’s Find My Device is one of the best free Android apps for this purpose.

It’s really easy to use and allows you to locate your device in real time. It also allows you to remotely reset your pin code or phone code. This allows you to prevent others from accessing your device.

Instasize for people working with images

If you do a lot of work with images, you should get Instasize. It’s one of the most popular photo editing apps of 2023, with lots of professional-level editing features.

The app comes with a host of filters and editing tools. They allow you to take your social media accounts, for example, to a whole new level.

The absolute best thing about the app is the handy toolbox, which makes it easy to quickly enhance your photos and videos. Users particularly like the ability to add backgrounds to any video or image.

Instasize is available for both iOS and Android devices, completely free of charge. There are also premiun levels available, giving you more tools to use.

Zoom, a tool for versatile communication

After the years with Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing has become a kind of new normal, so Zoom will be one of the most downloaded and used apps in 2023, with no end in sight to its popularity.

What makes Zoom particularly good is that it works in a unified way for chat, conference calls and video. Zoom has many great features such as voicemail, call recording, call transfer and call blocking. It can also be integrated with Salesforce and other software.

LastPass is suitable for all uses

If you don’t already have LastPass in place, now is the time to rectify the damage and fast. LastPass ensures that you’ll never lose your passwords again, let alone forget them. LastPass is an application that ensures secure network access time after time, also for all the best digital collaboration tools.

It includes password management and a dedicated password tray where you can store your data in confidence. LastPass has two-factor authentication, so you can also use things like fingerprint authentication.

Slack for excellent communication

Along with Zoom, Slack is familiar to many people from schools and corporate communications. Many companies in different sectors use it to communicate with their employees and partners. Nowadays, communication needs to be fast and situations need to be responded to immediately. Slack’s convenient interface allows teams to work seamlessly with colleagues on other continents, for example.

Mobile apps to make your life easier

There are many different types of mobile apps that can make life easier. Here are some examples:

  1. Productivity apps: These apps help users to manage their tasks and stay organized. Examples include to-do list apps, note-taking apps, and calendar apps.
  2. Financial apps: These apps help users to manage their finances, such as budgeting apps, investment tracking apps, and bill payment apps.
  3. Transportation apps: These apps help users to navigate transportation systems, such as ride-sharing apps, public transportation apps, and parking apps.
  4. Food and grocery apps: These apps make it easier to order food delivery, reserve a table at a restaurant, or shop for groceries online.
  5. Health and fitness apps: These apps help users to track their fitness goals, monitor their health, and access wellness resources.
  6. Entertainment apps: These apps provide users with access to music, movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment.
  7. Communication apps: These apps help users to stay connected with friends and family, such as messaging apps, video calling apps, and social media apps.

Overall, any mobile app that helps users to save time, simplify tasks, and improve their overall quality of life can be considered an app that makes life easier. Read next of what might come out of AI based search engines!