The Best Tools For File Storage and Sharing

The best tools for file storage and sharing are vital to companies around the world. bCloud storage services are a critical part of any business’s IT infrastructure. They allow workers to share files, collaborate on projects, and access information from anywhere.

In the past, companies could get by storing most of their data on local servers. However, that’s no longer feasible unless you have a genuinely comprehensive IT team. The average small business can’t afford to build and maintain an in-house network that can rival cloud-based services. Important digital collaboration tools can be accompanied with file storage platforms.

We compile this list of the best tools for file storage and sharing. In our list, we break down what sets each of the best tools for file storage and sharing apart. Therefore, you can find the best tools for file sharing that will work best for your company. 

TOP 10 Best File Storage And Sharing Tools 2023

  1. Dropbox
  2. MediaFire
  3. SharePoint
  4. Google Drive
  6. SkyDrive
  7. iDrive
  8. Citrix ShareFile
  9. WeTransfer
  10. Egnyte Connect
Best tools for file storage and sharing

Best Cloud Storage — Dropbox

One of the most popular cloud storage and file-sharing options, Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage. However, you can increase your storage space by referring friends to the service or upgrading to a paid plan.

Dropbox is available as a desktop application and a mobile app. It’s also integrated into many other applications and services. This includes Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Evernote, and Adobe. Dropbox uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect your files while in transit over the internet. However, your files storage on Dropbox servers remain in their original format without additional encryption.

You can use Dropbox to share files with people who don’t have Dropbox accounts by sending them a link to your files. If you want to share with people who do have Dropbox accounts, the process is much simpler. Start by setting up a shared folder within your account. Afterward, add their usernames to the list of users authorized to access that folder.

Best File Sharing For Small Business — MediaFire

Like a simple version of Dropbox, MediaFire’s design lets you upload and share files. Unfortunately, it lacks the full-featured file browser that Dropbox offers on its website. This is a good thing in many ways. It means MediaFire loads quickly and has a clean interface.

You can create folders to organize your files in MediaFire. However, there’s no option to share those folders with others. Moreover, you can share individual files or entire file collections with other people. When you do, the file storage tool creates an HTML page with links to the shared files; if you want to make them available for download, sharing a link is the only way.

Storage starts at 10 GB for free accounts. 100 GB costs $1 per month or $10 per year. 1 TB costs $5 per month or $50 per year.

SharePoint — Best File Sharing For Business

Businesses need a secure file sharing tool. It is why searching for the best file sharing for business comes in handy. SharePoint is a popular Microsoft application for businesses of all sizes. It’s been around for many years, known initially as SharePoint Services. This was before Microsoft rebranded it as SharePoint Foundation with SharePoint Server on top.

It’s a versatile tool that you can use for file storage and sharing, document management, collaboration, etc. Users can upload any file to it (images, videos, documents, etc.) from any platform (Windows or Mac) and access those files from anywhere on the internet. It also enables social networking features like discussions and profiles.

That said, SharePoint itself is not cheap. The current version can only be purchased as part of an Office 365 Enterprise E3 subscription. Moreover, one license costs $20 per user per month. However, if you’re already using Office 365, it’s a great add-on that integrates well with other products in the suite.

Google Drive — Free Cloud Storage

Most users search for reliable and best tools for file sharing. This is a free cloud storage service that lets you save documents, photos, and videos to your Google account. You can access these files from any device with an internet connection. Also, they are stable in case you lose a device or accidentally delete a file.

You can use Google Drive on your computer or mobile device. The app comes with most Android devices. Therefore, it’s likely already installed if you have an Android phone. For iOS, you can download the app in the App Store. If you’re using a PC or Mac, go to to download the Google Drive application for your computer.

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage space. This is enough for more than one million songs or 1,300 hours of video footage. Moreover, Google has multiple paid plans starting at $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage space for businesses and individuals who need more space. -Affordable Best Cloud Storage

One of the most valuable features of Box is its ability to open almost any file format in the cloud and share it with others. This makes it a perfect solution for people looking for a platform to store their files in one place and access them from anywhere.

Box allows users to store an unlimited number of files and create and manage folders. Users can also upload entire folders at once with drag-and-drop.

The app can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, it allows users to comment on documents in real-time. Simultaneously, while they’re creating them and after sharing them with others.

With Box, users can view over 100 different file types, including HD video, CAD drawings, and Photoshop files. The app also lets users preview files before opening them, saving time when searching through stored documents.

SkyDrive — Alternative For Best Sharing For Business

One of Microsoft’s free cloud storage services, SkyDrive offers a free version that gives you 7 GB of space online. You can sync files and folders between your computer and the cloud or use a Web interface to upload, download, edit and share files online.

SkyDrive offers several apps for smartphones and tablets and clients for PCs and Macs. The desktop clients give you easy access to files stored in the cloud by opening Windows Explorer (or Finder on a Mac). You can move files into your SkyDrive folder to upload them automatically to the cloud or move them out of that folder to download them to your hard drive.

In addition, you can also share any file or folder with other people using SkyDrive just by sending them a link. They’ll be able to view or download that file without needing a SkyDrive account themselves. SkyDrive’s Web interface also includes basic image editing tools, so you don’t have to download photos to make simple changes like cropping and rotating before sharing them with others.

iDrive — Best Cheap Tools For File Sharing

This is an excellent tool for file storage and sharing. It allows you to store files in the cloud, share them with others, back up your smartphone or computer, and keep track of your work. You can access it from nearly any device, using it for both personal and business purposes.

iDrive offers many features that make it easy to store and access files from anywhere. It has 5 TB of storage space, so you have plenty of room to store all your important documents, videos, photos, and music. You can also use it to back up your computer and phone so that you never lose any data again.

In addition, iDrive allows you to sync files across all your devices. Therefore, you can access them on your phone, tablet, or laptop anytime and anywhere. The app also has a built-in media player that can play many types of file formats, including MP3s and MP4s. You can even stream videos directly from iDrive.

Another great feature is that iDrive gives you the ability to create a family account that lets everyone in your household share files with each other. This makes it easy for parents to keep track of their kids’ schoolwork and projects without going through email attachments every time someone sends an email.

Citrix ShareFile — Best Tools For File Storage

Do you want a secure file-sharing service that enables users to share, sync, and access files from any device? This is a job for Citrix ShareFile. The popular file sharing and storage service features collaboration tools. ShareFile’s service allows businesses to manage their storage with unlimited storage plans.

The security features include two-factor authentication and data encryption in transit and at rest. It has strict access controls, so admins can specify who can see specific files or folders. The service also provides granular audit trails. Therefore, admins know who has accessed which files and when.

The platform integrates with Microsoft Office 365, which means users can open, edit and save files directly to ShareFile from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also integrates with the Adobe Acrobat suite of editing tools, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Docs.

Citrix ShareFile offers a robust set of tools for enterprise file-sharing services. Businesses can create accounts for up to 10 users for free; then, there are four paid tiers based on the number of users.


Whether you’re sending large files to work colleagues, sharing photos with friends, or backing up your files, there are many options for getting your files where they need to go.

WeTransfer is a simple and free file-sharing service that allows you to send large files quickly and easily.

When you go to WeTransfer’s website, you’ll see two large fields right at the top: one for the recipient’s email address and one for the sender’s email address. Underneath those fields are space for a message if you have one to send and a place to drag in your files.

Once you’ve entered all that, click “transfer,” and WeTransfer will take care of the rest. The site also offers an upgrade option that allows you to transfer up to 20GB at a time.

WeTransfer is an excellent option if you’re looking for a simple file-sharing solution. It integrates with the most popular cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Google Drive, to get your files sent without having to leave their respective platforms.

Egnyte Connect

Looking for the best file sharing for a small business? Egnyte Connect is one of our favorite online file storage and sharing tools. Not only is Egnyte extremely easy to use, but it also offers a high level of security. Moreover, it allows you to access, share and collaborate on files from desktops, mobile devices, cloud apps, and more.

Egnyte Connect’s core features include:

  • File storage and sharing. The app lets you store files in the cloud and share them with others via email or a unique link.
  • File synchronization with your desktop and mobile devices. Automatic syncing of all your files across all your devices. Therefore, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date versions of your documents.
  • Shared folders. You can create shared folders for teams, clients, or customers by assigning roles such as admin, read/write, or read-only access.
  • File version history. You can view file versions for up to 30 days in the past and revert to earlier versions if necessary.
  • Activity feeds. A built-in activity feed keeps you informed of changes made to files in your shared folders; you can also specify who gets notified by email when changes are made.

Here are some common questions about the best file storage and sharing tools.

FAQs For Best Tools For File Storage and Sharing

What are the best tools for file storage and sharing?

File storage and sharing services allow you to upload files and give others access to them. This can be as simple as storing your backup copies of important documents in the cloud or as complex as collaborating on a project with other users.

What are the best cloud storage tools?

The best free cloud storage tools have plenty of space, good security, and a well-designed interface. These services tend to come in tiers that offer more space or features at higher prices, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good deal for what you need.

What are the best tools for file sharing?

The best tools for sharing files will let you choose who has access to your files and what they can do with them. Shared links should be secure and easy to copy or share. They should also be easy to set up and manage, even if you’re sharing with many people.

How much does the best cloud storage cost?

Online file storage is available at multiple price points. Some basic services are free (or included with other products), while others charge a monthly fee based on how much space you need.

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