Best VPN Services 2022

Remote working usually requires a proper VPN service. It hides your IP adresss and protects your network. It acts as a shield and you can stay connected to a company network. We track the best VPN services 2021, have a look!

On most cases it is basically impossible to be working remotely and not have a VPN service set up. VPN provides you with a crypted, secure connection between your device and the server on the internet. Especially when your work involves something of a sensitive nature, it becomes essential to turn on the VPN.

TOP VPN Services 2022


iProVPN is a recently added VPN service that is comes with strong encryption, IP leak protection , internet kill switch, malware protection, ad-blocker and so much more! and it has global VPN servers. A free trial!


With CactusVPN you can protect your privacy, secure your data and bypass all restrictions fast and easy. CactusVPN has high-speed VPN servers in 22 countries. All the apps for your devices are user-friendly. There’s a free trial!

Many of us faced a new situation back in 2020, when covid-19 changed the way most companies operate. People started working from home. This meant that the entire office had to be built from scratch, at least with most people.

When you are working from home, it is important to have a good set of desk, chair and things that take care of the ergonomics. What many seem to forget about is the VPN service: it makes working remotely from home safe and secure.

Privacy & Security
A reliable VPN service provides you with an encrypted and secure connection. When you have your VPN service on, no one can spy on what you are doing.
Hacking Prevention
A trustworthy VPN service stops others from hacking in. No one can get their hands on to the data or messages your connection lets you to access.
Removes Blocks
When you are using a VPN, you have the access to websites and videos that are normally not available in your country or region.

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What Is A VPN and How Do I Get One?

VPN is an online service that hides your IP address and encrypts your web traffic. Especially when you are working from home, it’s wise to start using a VPN service. In many cases, the company network can be reached only when the VPN is turned on.

Many companies are also demanding you to use a reliable VPN service in order to protect the company itself, too. Companies usually provide VPN services to their employees, but especially freelancers and other entrepreneurs working remotely might need to buy it themselves.

  • Should I Use A VPN at Work?
    Yes, on most cases absolutely. If you're not sure about which VPN the company is using, ask. On most cases you don't need to get that particlar VPN service but choose the one you like. This goes especially for freelancers.
  • How Do I Start Using a VPN?
    Choose the right kind of VPN service from the list above. Then create your account, make the payment and download the VPN to your device. Simple as that!
  • What Does a VPN cost?
    There are tens of VPN services to choose from. Many of them lets you have a free test drive for up to 30 days! Usually the prices range from 55 to 15 dollars a month.