Encourage participation and sensemaking at scale with Howspace

How can teams collaborate effectively even if they’re rarely in the same room? While tools like Zoom and Slack help us stay connected when working remotely, they simply don’t replicate the many advantages of being together in a shared space. Such tools are really just streams of information without structure. Without the right context and structure, collaboration tools can waste time rather than create impactful change.

Howspace is an AI-powered digital collaboration platform that provides everyone with the same context, which helps to replicate the benefits of being together in a shared physical space. By encouraging everyone to participate in collaboration and social learning, you can help unleash everyone’s potential and creativity. The newest major Howspace features help you do just that.

  • Super Chat with sticky notes: Brainstorm, categorize, and prioritize discussions and topics in a visual and inspiring way.
  • Built-in AI Insight: Understand and analyze group discussions and make sense of large-scale dialogue in real-time.

💬 Unleash Everyone’s Creativity

Howspace was developed to give people endless possibilities for designing structured discussions. We believe that change happens conversation by conversation. As people have the intrinsic need to be heard, we aim to offer ways for organizations to hear their employees and collaborate.

Howspace’s Super Chat widget has two chat modes: discussion & sticky note. Sticky note mode allows you to unleash everyone’s creativity—ideate, collaborate, and play all together. You can move, categorize, and prioritize color-coded comments so it’s perfect for collecting ideas and making sense of a huge amount of comments. You can activate and engage participants by inviting them to categorize comments.

Super Chat with sticky notes can be used in project management, workshops, or even learning processes where you start at step one and move forward.

🧠 Large-scale Sensemaking Is Just a Click Away

With the help of built-in AI Insight, you can build a better and more comprehensive understanding of discussions. Watch a word cloud assemble in real time from large-scale dialogue, and make objective summaries of current discussions.

Getting the interactive insights available for everyone in the workspace makes large-scale sensemaking easier than ever. You can pull the analysis to your page and enjoy the insights in real time. Or you can add AI Insight widgets to the different pages of your workspace and filter based on user list, profile fields, and much more.

For example, you might want to see a word cloud analysis of what everyone from the marketing team says about the current organizational culture. Or you might want to see an overview of the themes created when the finance team discusses the future of work.

The possibilities are endless, your imagination sets the boundaries of how and what you want to analyze with the new AI Insights.

Design Your Own Way To Facilitate Collaboration

At the core of Howspace is not what we do, but what you do. You know best how to facilitate the collaboration process so that things move ahead smoothly and generate a feeling of togetherness. Howspace is the platform that will help encourage participation and help you make sense of discussions so that everyone’s efforts play a role in the greater impact.

If you’re curious about Howspace, why not give it a try? You can access Howspace free for 30 days and experiment with the tips shared in this article by starting your free trial—no credit card required.

– Howspace Team