Digital Tools For Remote Therapy

Remote therapy is a convenient way of getting a therapy session. There are many reasons why you might want remote therapy—the first and most common being time and the current conditions. With COVID-19 spreading, digital tools for remote therapy are now needed.

Already before COVID pandemic, most of us didn’t have the time to juggle between work, studies, family, and therapy.

We have to prioritize, and something like therapy might take a back seat. Remote therapy ensures that you get to speak to a professional who can render some aid. It ensures that you can have peace of mind and some time to cater to all the different issues you might be facing. Some of the platforms to use can include recordings, messages, and emails.

Remote Therapy – How Does It Work?

The goal of therapy is to have better mental health. Remote therapy works in the same way but online. You get to take advantage of the available tools to reach out to a therapist who, in return, replies using the same tools or platform.

Also known as online or tell therapy, remote therapy works over secure connections and platforms like Skype. For remote therapy to succeed, you need to have a proper internet connection and find a reliable remote therapist.

Reviews can help you in finding a therapist. You should consider choosing a mobile carrier that’s widely available in your vicinity for the best internet connection.

More so, you must pick a communication channel that you are comfortable with. If you want the feeling of a real-life session, you should consider video platforms like Skype and Zoom.

On the other hand not many therapists let you choose the platform yourself, since majority of them are using a digital tool designed specifically for telemedicine.

Digital Tools for Better Mental Health

Remote therapy takes advantage of technological advancements to ensure that you have better mental health. Some of these digital simple tools for virtual meetings that the therapist can utilize will include online support groups.

A therapist can refer you to some online support groups to better your mental health. Since everything is happening online, you’ll find it easier to share your issues even if you want to remain anonymous. You can also learn from the issues that other people within the group are going through.

Meditation and mindfulness apps are other digital tools that some therapists will recommend. These apps work towards helping you reduce depression, anxiety, and stress.

Apps are convenient since you always have them with you and use them whenever you want to feel relieved. Different apps can help you in specific areas like sleep, pain relief, and stress management. Most of these apps can have timers and relaxing music to ensure that you can easily calm down.

Your remote therapy session will in most cases be held through some kind of software. Typically a session is not held in Skype because of security issues. To avoid any issues with the safety and privacy of your sessions, your therapist might use platforms such as Doxyme.

Doxyme Makes Online Sessions Safe

Doxyme is a simple, completely free and fully secured telemedicine solution. The company behind this product has made telemedicine very easy for professionals around the world.

A psycho therapist for instance can simply create a personal room in the platform and start practicing.

Who Is Online Therapy For?

Online therapy can work for everyone. However, it’s ideal for anyone who wants a convenient platform that will save them time. Online therapy helps people better their mental health by dealing with and solving the different issues they face in their day to day lives.

Therefore, it is a perfect solution for someone who doesn’t have the time to visit a therapist’s office or in the current situation wishes to have a remote session instead of a contact session.

Besides, if you reside in a rural community, you might opt for online therapy, since it can take longer to visit a therapist in the nearest town or city. Online therapy helps people who have additional problems like disabilities or illnesses.

It provides them with a chance to speak to professionals who can provide the best psychological support. More so, it can benefit young people who love to use technology every day. Most young people are comfortable on their phones and computers, and online therapy can be convenient and easier for them to appreciate.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

Convenience is one reason why most people love online therapy. You can seek help from anywhere since you can speak to a therapist when at home, work, travelling, or when you can’t attend an in-person session.

There is also another advantage of approachability. As stated earlier, some people are comfortable on their devices. Online therapy provides such people with a platform to air out their troubles to a therapist and obtain some aid.

Using online therapy will also provide you with a chance to express yourself. Unlike an in-person meeting, you can opt for messages and emails in online therapy. If you don’t want to see the therapist, you can leave your camera off while talking to them so they can’t see your face.

Not everyone is comfortable speaking face to face with a therapist, and these messaging options eradicate these issues.

Is Remote Therapy Effective?

Yes, it is. The advantage of remote therapy is that you can follow up with the therapist any time you would like. Therefore, when you encounter a problem, it’s easy to deal with it and lead a healthy life. Studies have also proven that remote therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. You, therefore, shouldn’t worry when considering this form of therapy. With remote therapy, the therapist can utilize some digital tools to ensure that you get the best help.

It’s easier for them to understand you since you can use a communication platform that you are comfortable with. Additionally, since it is cheaper than in-person sessions, you can spend more time with the therapist to ensure that you always iron out all the issues you might be facing.

Remote therapy is effective while being convenient and more approachable than in-person therapy. You can also consult with multiple therapists from different corners of the world without any exorbitant charges.

How Much Does Remote Therapy Cost?

Unlike in-person therapy, remote therapy is cheaper. In some places, you can pay between $100 and $200 per session. The session can be longer since you won’t have to commute to the therapist. You will also find that most of these professionals won’t bill you per hour. Most who bill per hour are the ones who offer in-person sessions that can cost you up to $250.

Remote therapy gets to be cheaper because the therapists, too, won’t have any overhead costs. They can work from home and provide you with the same help they would if it were in person. Besides, you can speak to different therapists around the globe without the need to travel to them.

When paying for remote therapy, you always get to enjoy the best services. However, in-person sessions will require you to be comfortable with the best therapist in your area. Remote therapy, therefore, provides you with more convenience since you can attain immediate and local aid.

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